Winter Hair Survival Guide | How To Treat Dry Hair

Brace Yourself. Winter is coming. Oh wait. It’s here. That means only one thing…winter hair!

winter hair

Winter can be one of the harshest months when it comes to your hair. Why? Let me tell you the ways…

Pollution, dry indoor heat, cold windy days, hat hair etc. These often to lead to split ends, matted hair, knots, dry and itchy scalps, static, straw like strands, I could go on. The fluctuation of weather really hits your hair hard and it’s important to maintain it daily! Even our hair gets the winter blues.

One of the best ways to avoid dullness, split ends and dry scalp is to moisturize! Just like your skin, your hair needs love. Oil treatments and hair masks are great ways to eliminate and/or manage these winter hair scares. I always massage product into my hair so it really seeps into my scalp so I avoid dandruff. It’s definitely hard to feel winter chic when your hair is making it snow (hey, it happens to the best of us).

Here are some ways to keep your hair in tip top shape for winter! Consider this the winter hair survival guide 🙂

  1. Use less styling tools: Go au natural! I know it sounds scary but all that excessive heat really irritates not only your hair, but also your scalp. Use low heat settings if you MUST use your hot tools. The less damage you do indoors, the less you’ll have outdoors, and vice versa.
  2. Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioners: This is essential. Hydrating shampoos and conditioner are key to maintaining a healthy hair balance. This will help keep your locks in tip top shape and make styling easier.
  3. Hot Oil Treatments & Hair Masks: Use a hot oil treatment one time a week to restore the shine and hydrate your scalp. Use a hair mask two times a week (depending on your hair). Combining both these treatments allows your hair and scalp to feel nourished. Consider it a facial for your head.
  4. Sleeping with your hair DRY: If you’re like me, you probably sleep with your hair wet once in awhile. While it’s not the BEST thing to do, it’s better to do it any other season than winter. With the excessive indoor dryness, your hair will be more susceptible to split ends and becoming very matte. Try to let it air dry or blow dry with a low heat setting.

These are just some steps I practice to keep my hair manageable in the winter. Unlike the other seasons, winter hair is the hardest the manage. But with a little tender, love and care your winter  hair will survive beautifully!

Below are some products to help you, these are some of my personal favorites!


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