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Nice to e-meet you 🙂

I am Deniz Selin, a Turkish-American from Los Angeles, California who is currently living in Luxembourg (a very small but cozy country in Europe). I started this blog 10 years ago to create a place of inspiration & to share a glimpse into who I am & what I love.

Upon coming from Los Angeles to Luxembourg, I studied Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage & Family Therapy. I received my Master’s degree & worked in a low-income community mental health clinic for four years. Along with my studies and career, I started blogging & ended up working full-time as blogger. It’s been one of the most rewarding and exciting directions my life has taken me…except until I moved away from the sunny city of Los Angeles.

What brought me to Luxembourg?


I met my husband while on vacation, fell madly in love, secretly married each other, travelled around Europe together & then got “officially” married in Istanbul, Turkey. He is my biggest supporter & the biggest hopeless romantic. He has showed me what it means to be truly appreciated. I think finding a partner who pushes you to be your best & wants you to succeed is a gift that is truly priceless.

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Deniz Selin Le Fashion Monster

He has made my transition from a big city girl to a pseudo-European much easier. Now, I’ve been living here for the last three years and absolutely loving it. It’s such a unique change and I have learned so much here. I really wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

It did take me some time to settle here and find myself but now I’m feeling more confident & I’m excited to start blogging again, but with an upgrade! As I’ve grown & changed, so did my mind and soul. Instead of just personal style & beauty, I’ve curated a more “lifestyle” blog which incorporates cooking, travel, home life & mental health.

I feel like blogging has become my source of self-expression and strength. Being able to use my education and my voice to discuss all the topics that hold dear to me. I hope they also are sources of inspiration for those of you following along.

We can all look out best, but do we really feel our best?

I am hoping you all are ready to embrace this new journey for Le Fashion Monster by Deniz as I have been re-creating it. I’m very excited to get to know you all and hopefully we can create a wonderful and safe community. Thank you all so much for checking in & following along. Excited to grow with you!