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charcoal skincare products Charcoal on your face? Really? That may be what you’re thinking but let me tell you- activated charcoal skincare products are not only just a ‘trend’, they really work! I am stoked to share some of my personal favorite products with you and tell you why charcoal is actually REALLY good for you!

If there is one thing I learned since I turned 30 (January) it’s that my skin should always be a priority. I recently did a post about my daily skincare regimen which you can check out here. I have been following this skincare routine religiously for the past several months and have seen such remarkable changes with my skin.

Let me first tell you a little bit about my skin. I have oily skin that is sensitive to breakouts. Essentially, makeup always was a problem for me because before committing to a solid skincare routine, I had none. My makeup used to never stay on right, it would separate, and I would get major blackheads and breakouts. My skin was lifeless and so damaged that if I DIDN’T wear make up, I wouldn’t leave the house. I started to get really insecure and over time I would have so much makeup on my face it just looked bad.

After following through with my skincare regimen, my skin became more more luminous, less acne prone and my blackheads decreased. There is no such thing as perfection guys, so I know that there will still be some issues but overall, I can wear little to no-makeup and leave the house without freaking out. Also, my makeup started lasting longer and looked significantly better. I realized that you can’t just put ANYTHING on your face.

Aside from my daily routine, I also throw in a couple of my own tried-and-true (and believe me, I’ve tested SO many products at this point) skincare products to give me extra benefits. I recently heard about this whole concept of using products with charcoal. At first I didn’t quite understand the benefits until I read about them. Mind you, we are talking about activated charcoal, so don’t go use your coals you have at home ;).

Here are some ways to show you how to use activated charcoal in your beauty routine and the benefits.

  • It detoxifies. Charcoal is used for many purposes aside from your BBQ’ing needs. It can be used to whiten teeth, relieve bloating, purify skin and hair, and if mixed in a juice, can detoxify your system. Who knew right?
  • Cleans out your pores and makes them smaller.
  • Helps with oily skin- balancing the oil.
  • Can also be used as a DIY body scrub.
  • Sooth redness and irritation.

If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you, I don’t know what will. Of course, like all skincare products, nothing happens overnight. It’s about being consistent and allowing the effects the take place. The activated charcoal products I can’t live without are below! You can also shop these products as well as other products I use that are not for skincare purposes but also include activated charcoal as an ingredient.

  1. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask $26: This is the holy grail of all charcoal masks. I leave it on for about 20 minutes to get the ingredients to really soak into my skin. It’s a great product if you live in a city that’s highly polluted and full of toxins (I’m looking at you Los Angeles!). I use this product about two times a week to give my skin a nice treatment.
  2. Bore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser $8: I use this day and night. It has a slight tingle but if you’re sensitive, don’t worry! It doesn’t irritate the skin and truly leaves you skin feeling SO soft and clean. I honestly can’t believe I haven’t found out about this cleanser sooner.
  3. Bore Deep Pore Cleansing Charcoal Strips $7: Listen, I still love these nose strips and now with the added activated charcoal, I’m kind of even more in love. It’s magic.
  4. DTRT First Thing First Face Scrub $: I use this every other day to exfoliate my skin. I love the texture of the scrub and you can really feel it working as you’re scrubbing. Also, who doesn’t like to have silky smooth skin?

These are the products currently on rotation in my skincare routine, at least my activated charcoal one. Not only are these products awesome, they really work! I also have been using charcoal toothpaste which I LOVE and will put it below in all products listed above plus others I’ve heard are great and still have yet to try!

Coal for Christmas? I’ll take it! Gift your friends with some of these products and share the magic of activated charcoal. Plus, it’s a pretty clever idea.


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