4 Holiday Beauty Trends to Try Now

The holidays are upon us and this means it’s time for those beloved office parties, family gatherings, christmas events, hanukkah, and of course, New Year’s parties. The holidays for me are a time to really step up my beauty game and make a statement. Typically for the holidays I dress relatively simple (all black, white or some form of a neutral palette) but either pair it with a bold lip or a dramatic eye.

Today’s post is to inspire you with some holiday makeup looks to make the last month of 2016 extra fierce! These are looks I’ll be rocking as well for my holiday endeavors! I hope you guys enjoy these 4 holiday beauty trends that you can try now 🙂

  1. A glossy red lip:glossy red lips holiday trends I love matte lips, and I always will. But when it’s the holidays, a little gloss never hurt nobody. I love the powerful effect of a bold red glossy lip. It’s sexy, very high-fashion and just FUN! It’s all about finding a super highly pigmented gloss to get this effect right. Below are some of my personal favorite glossy red lipgloss’s to help you achieve this sultry holiday look.


2. Glitter lips: glitter lip holiday inspoShine bright like a diamond! Although this trend may be a little intense and your significant other will probably keep his distance (I’m pretty sure they dislike glitter), this trend is one that I think is PERFECT for the holidays. What other time of the year can you get away with a super glittery and sparkly lip? The trend is easy to achieve too. First, line your lip with lipliner then apply your lipstick. In order for the glitter to stick, I suggest dabbing the smallest amount of gloss (almost like a thin film) to keep it like adhesive. Then, gently tap the glitter onto your lips. You can perfect the edges by using a brush so you don’t have stray glitter all over you. Voila! Get ready to sparkle. You should use microfine glitter which you can find at any crafts store.

3. Metallic Smokey Eye: metallic smokey eye inspoI have to say, metallic smokey eyes are my favorite makeup trend. I think it’s so bold and so fierce and looks a lot better than a classical black smokey eye. Whether it’s silver or gold, or bronze, or gunmetal, this makeup look will amp up any look you have for the holidays. I personally love a good bronze or gunmetal smokey eye.


4. Slicked back hair: 

slicked back hair holiday inspo

I don’t care what anyone says, this hair trend is one of my favorites. I would pair this hairstyle with any makeup look suggested in this post. I think it’s super sexy, chic and if you’re feeling really festive you can add a piece of hair jewelry to this. I love this look because I wear it with an all black pantsuit, gunmetal smokey eye, and nude lip. Let me say, this hairstyle is one that takes a minute to get used to, but once you do, you can’t help but feel fabulous! The easiest way to create this look is to blow dry your hair, using a round brush push your hair back away from your face. Use hairspray when pushing your sides back and use a bobby pink to hold it in place until it dries. For the top, use texturing cream, gel, or a little dollop of oil and pin back to hold in place. Remove pins when you’re ready to leave and of course, quickly spray your hair to hold it all together 🙂

I hope these holidays trends inspired you to be a little bolder this season. The beauty of makeup and hairstyling is that even for one moment, or one night, we can be whomever we want yet at the end of the day and underneath it all, it’s just us. It’s such a powerful feeling thing and truly has the power to help build our confidence too.

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  1. Hey Deniz, Happy Holidays! Love these beauty ideas, thanks for posting. I like the darker hair color you’ve gone with lately!

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