Who needs a bikini? Try a one piece instead!

Today’s post is not about what I wore, but what I will be wearing when it’s time to hit the beach! I’m a complete fan of bikinis, but sometimes, it’s nice to switch it up and feel ultra-chic in a one piece. A one piece reminds of classic swimwear and when going to the beach was an ultra glamorous event. Bikinis are sexy and fun, don’t get me wrong, but one pieces are my new favorite swimwear trend right now.

When it comes to summer, I feel like experimenting with fun trends is so easy to do. Winter is harder, cold weather doesn’t give you the luxury of certain things, but it still is my favorite time of year. The beach is a great place to have fun with fashion whether it’s with color, prints, texture or even accessories. I used to make fun people who show up to the beach all decked out, but then I realized, it’s actually kind of awesome to put together a chic look. I also noticed one piece suits were the staple for layering.

With a one piece you can essentially make it a bodysuit, throw some jeans over your swimwear, or a skirt, add some cute sandals or a wedge and you can go from beach bum to dinner instantly.

Below are some of my favorite one piece’s I’ve seen online.

Which one are your favorites and what are your thoughts on one piece swimsuits?


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