What Came First?

The Jessica Simpson “DANY” Platform or the Jeffrey Campbell “Foxy” Platform?

They are both identical, but each designer has different fabrics and colors available for the shoes. I personally like the Jessica Simpson selections better than the Jeffrey Campbell…I love leopard, but I feel like it doesn’t do the shoe justice. If I want leopard, I want it on a bootie.

The reason why I like the Jessica Simpson selections better is because there is no fuss to them. It’s simple leather, and no prints, or texture. The Jeffrey Campbell “Foxy” Platform comes in all black, with a black heel, black texture, leopard and grey suede to name a few. The Jeffrey Campbell ones seem to have a slightly different wooden that do not look as realistic as the Dany platforms by Jessica Simpson.

Below is the Jeffrey Campbell “Foxy” Platform:

Below are the Jessica Simpson “Dany” platforms:

Visually, they look practically identical, but as someone who loves shoes, I truly believe the Jessica Simpson “Dany” looks much more authentic, expensive and classier than the Jeffrey Campbell “Foxy”. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Jeffrey Campbell shoes, just not these in particular.

And when the DANY’s are aprrox $98, and the FOXY’s are aprrox $116, it makes YOU the deciding factor on which you think gives you the best BANG for your BUCK.

So which came first? I have heard the Jessica Simpsons, but I’ve also heard the Jeffrey Campbell’s. Regardless, it’s almost like asking “the chicken or the egg”.

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Below are some links to some outfits I have worn wearing the Jessica Simpson “Dany” Platform:

Maximum Fall

Blue & Black

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  1. Thank goodness, I found this post! Thank you! I’d seen the shoes and people where claiming they were Jeffrey Campbells and I was like.. No…? Now I know who they are by and will buy the Dany NOT the Campbells 🙂

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