DIY Halloween Costume Idea: Princess Aurora

This year for Halloween I literally concocted a costume in less than 10 min, using items I had lying around my room. I recall it was 5:55pm on Halloween night, and I couldn’t wear the costume I wore out with my friends, it was Lady Gaga. I’m pretty sure that Lady Gaga is hardly an appropriate costume for a family friend’s Halloween party.

Let me begin by saying that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, it’s an excuse for me to be as creative as possible and wear things I would typically not wear. Also, I get to be whoever I want, which is kind of a fun feeling. The funny thing is, I feel like I have two Alter Ego’s: Lady Gaga and Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). I love Gaga’s enthusiasm for life, and I love Princess Aurora because I have always wanted to be a pretty princess…who can blame me?

The only thing I could think of as I was strategically gluing on my false eyelashes was “What the heck can I make?”. I don’t typically buy generic costumes because my creative inner self won’t allow me to, so I couldn’t just throw one on. I immediately saw a sparkle coming from my peripheral vision and there is was; my inspiration.

My Princess Aurora crown from Disneyland was resting elegantly atop my stack of my movies on the dresser. I grabbed it and placed it on my head and had my first piece to the Halloween costume puzzle.

I then decided on doing the “pink” version of Sleeping Beauty, or Princess Aurora’s look. I took a hot pink long sleeve, and a baby pink tank top and threw them on. I actually used the tank top as a skirt…believe it or not.

After putting together the top and “bottom”, I still felt like I was missing some “pizzaz”. The it hit me…

I ran into my closet and pulled out this Disney Princess Spring Faire Canopy which I foolishly bought (it’s for a Twin bed, I have a Queen).  I looked at it and examined what I could do possibly do.

And the light bulb turned on.

I took my scissors and began to cut where it was attached to the headboard and threw it over me, so that it was almost like a cape, but open in the front. I took my scissors and cut two holes, and pushed my arms through the tulle fabric. I had just made arm holes…

The aftermath of chopping the tulle with ribbons and flowers

But still…something was missing. I rummaged through my closet and grabbed a belt, clasped it on, and smiled. It was done. The belt had contrast, it wasn’t my FAVORITE, but it had to do. I would have gone with a silver metallic belt, but beggars can’t be choosers.

And for the final touch, I had bought glow sticks while at Micheal’s for $1.00. I figured, why not…at least I’d glow in the dark with them on.

Mobile Upload…I am glowing!

DJ D’lish was the most adorable Esmeralda.

Ultimately, for being a ten minute Halloween costume, I did get a pretty response from it, which is always nice. I hope this post inspires you to not get flustered, because if you just get crazy and use that imagination, go for it.

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