Holy moly. I think I FINALLY discovered my new favorite designer resale site. I’ve been to them all, but you don’t always know what you’re getting sometimes, and that’s always something that has deterred me from buying from most online designer resale sites. I discovered VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE and I have to say, I’m mega impressed.


Why? Not only do they carry all the best brands, but they also allow you to “make offers” on products you love. I was eyeing a Parajumpers jacket for the longest time, and moving here to Luxembourg requires me to have winter clothes that I’m not used to having. The only problem about winter clothes, at least the ones that I like, is that they are pretty expensive. This Parajumpers jacket costs around me $900 new. However, I snagged one for $400 which was only used for half a year and in mint condition.

It hasn’t snowed here yet, I’ve been impatiently checking the weather and the windows outside to see snow…alas, none has come. My goal was to take a super pretty picture with my jacket in it, however, I’ll have to wait to show it off that way in a different post.

I am so happy about this jacket and VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE made my dreams come true. The main reason I’m so amped about them is that they have professionals who do “quality checks” before the item is sent out. That means, you get an authentic item that actually matches the description. You’d think the world would be ready for that kind of commitment but with my previous experiences, it has not been the case.

If you haven’t check out VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE yet, you definitely should. They have everything from vintage Chanel jewelry to a season old Marchesa gown. You definitely will have your “wish list” filled to the brim.

Next item on my list? Vintage Chanel Earrings! Woot!

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