What to Wear to ULTRA Music Festival: The Casualite

Struggling with what to wear to ULTRA Music Festival? Let this guide help you! It’s a series of outfit inspirations for ULTRA music festival.

The Casualite is the person who dresses for comfort and style, and isn’t too worried about what other’s will think of their outfits. Of course, music festivals are fashion shows, but the Casualite selects more simple, yet chic outfits rather than fringe, studs and extreme hardware.

Of course, the Casualite is still trendy. There is no ONE style for this music festival lover. The Casualite can be hippie-chic, sweetly striped, or basic comfort with pops of eye-catching color.

Below are three looks that every Casualite can wear. Enjoy!

Look 1:

Black Tank Maxi Dress: Alexander Wang $175

Red Suede Skinny Belt: Madewell $39.50

Red & Gold Bangles: Amrita Singh Adreena Bangle $100

Red Chiffon Sandals: Top Shop $55

Look 2:

Nautical Striped Dress: Delia’s $40

Feather Necklace: ModCloth Free as Can Be Necklace $29.99

Assorted Wooden Bangles: ASOS $23.31

Fringe Sandals: H&M (price unavailable).

Look 3:

Crochet Dress: Topshop $100

Headband: Jennifer Ouellette Millenery Headband $85

Leather Bracelet: ACB Dressage Leather Bracelet $210

Feather Sandals: ALDO “LAMPE” Sandals $60

Stay tuned for more on What to Wear to Music Festivals: ULTRA Music Festival Edition!

Two more looks for this set coming your way:

The Socialite

Flower Bomb

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