TwoPointOhLA: Pre-Fashion Week Party

First let me say that I am so grateful to be a member of Two Point Oh! LA. This community created by Kelsi Smith, is filled with inspiring bloggers within the Los Angeles area. The events that TwoPointOhLA create are one-a-kind and an excellent way to network and explore new concepts of fashion and the fashion world.

On Thursday October 7th 2010, I attended the Pre-Fashion Week Party thrown by TwoPointOhLA, which was held at Rick’s Place in the Hotel Figueroa. The event was sponsored by Report Shoes, Zee Berry, NYX Cosmetics and Eight Body Moisture.

Thank you to my awesome boyfriend for coming and taking all the pictures.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes…

I met some incredible new people as well as re-connected with some bloggers who I had met at a previous TwoPointOhLA event a few weeks back.

Yes, that’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” in the background…guilty!

I was pretty unsure of what to wear, and after rummaging through my closet like a fashionista maniac, I remember I had bought a dress specifically for a Turkish-American Ladies League event. The event I was supposed to wear it to got cancelled, so I finally jumped on the chance to rock that frock!

A quick bite at the awkwardly delicious La Bella Cucina before.

Here’s a funny, and awkward  side story:

When I first arrived, I didn’t see any signs of an event. Also, I was invited to a different event, which I declined but never really read WHERE the event was being held in the first place. As I stood by the entrance to the hotel, I hear some ask me “Party nerede?” which is “where’s the party?” in Turkish. Being Turkish, I understood. I replied it was inside. I wondered why she KNEW I was Turkish, and just assumed she followed my blog and had one too.


I walk into the hotel and go to the general bar area by the pool which was filled with people. I heard excitement, laughing, talking, and TURKISH! I had stumbled into the wrong event, the event I had declined to attend, which was a Turkish-American Networking event for those living in Los Angeles….awkward.

All of a sudden, a plethora of people start saying my name and coming up to me. I look at them flabbergasted, “Where am I?”. I see my parent’s friends and I know…this is NOT the TwoPointOhLA pre-fashion week party.

I say some hello’s, answer “Where are your parents?” about five times, and excuse myself.

I must find fashionistas!

I scurry along to the hotel reception and tell them of the party I came here to attend. Apparently, I had to pass the pool par, go through a gate and it was in a subset of the pool bar, a private bar called Rick’s Place. I worked out my red soled shoes and bolted to the event and alas…I see glitz, glamour, and inspiration- my fellow bloggers!

Karen & Lara

Me, Karen from Fashion Groupie, and Lara from What’s Haute In The Streets.

A fellow blogger, Bren Lee Gomez & I.

Bren from So Much Pretty.

Great Lengths.
It was his birthday that night! Happy Twenty-Sexy!

Alicia from InnyVinny.

Ruby slippers? No thanks…I’ll take these.

Obsessed much?
Me & Natalie Sadigh

Natalie Sadigh of Nana Bijou (check her amazing jewelery out).

Jenny in a gorgeous Jen Awad dress.

Jenny from The Good, the Bad and the Fab.

Marie Denee & Reah Norman
Marie, Lara, Karen, Reah

Marie Denee of the Curvy Fashionista, Lara, Karen and Reah Norman.

Karen in a Jen Awad design.
Love the pearl details!

Check out Karen’s blog at Fashion Groupie.

Lara’s hot look!
Fabulous feathers!

Check out Lara’s blog at: What’s Haute In The Streets.

Cool cabana.
Report Shoes.
Sparkles galore…”There’s no place like home”
My two favorite styles! Definitely on my wish list!

Check out REPORT and REPORT Signature shoes here: REPORT SHOES.

The creative genius; Kelsi Smith

Kelsi is not only the founder of TwoPointOhLA, but also has an awesome blog called Dedicated Follower of Fashion.

I disagree with her bag.
Pretending to be a model, which I am never going to be!
Tiara in a Jen Awad design.
Tiara wearing a stunning Nana Bijou necklace.

Check out Tiara’s blog Luxe Delux.

What did I wear?

I’m so glad you asked!

My Look.

Fur lined black jacket + Feather Earrings: Blush Boutique, baby pink chiffon dress with embellished sleeve: Mango, Black Tights: H&M, and Black “Bianca” pumps: Christian Louboutin, Ring from: Forever 21.


5 thoughts on “TwoPointOhLA: Pre-Fashion Week Party”

  1. I loved the sequined pumps! So hot! I also liked so many of the girls outfits, but yours was tres fab and very well put together! I hope you had a fun night!!


  2. If it makes you feel any better, I got lost on the way there too. A nice old man pointed me toward the “fashion thing” and I was forever grateful.

    You looked amazing, my dear. That dress is so pretty.

  3. Such a great, detailed post! And your bf takes the best pictures! How hilarious is it that that other party was being held there too??!!

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