Now that it has finally been “cold” in Los Angeles, I was able to bust out my lovely sweaters, wraps, jackets, blazers, and so on…

I love, love, love when the weather slightly represents the seasons, especially since Los Angeles is typically warm year-round.

If only it could snow…

Okay, I don’t want snow, I wouldn’t get away with wearing 5+ inch heels then. But maybe for a few days…just to experience it.

This outfit is more of a transferable outfit, from daytime to nighttime thanks to the chunky beaded necklace I wore, which added a nice zest to this look.

The Look
Tank Top from Blush Boutique
Green Cardigan Sweater with Tie from Blush Boutique
Jeans by WAX Denim from Blush Boutique, Cognac Handbag from Blush Boutique
Beaded Bib Necklace from Blush Boutique

This look was created because it was something I typically wouldn’t wear, but working in a clothing boutique, I am able to expand my wardrobe in ways I never thought possible.

I was happy with this outfit because I was able to rock my flares (so in love), and still maintain my edge with the necklace, since the overall look is more conservative than I typically style myself…but I loved it.

Where to Shop (stores included in this post as well stores that may have similar pieces):

Blush Boutique

Urban Outfitters


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