Do you dream of hair so replenished you don’t have to stress about it every morning? Yes, you heard that. TOKIO INKARAMI is probably the best kept haircare product out there on the beauty market today. How did I discover this breakthrough Japanese hair technology? Right here in Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Roberto Manzo, my shear King at salon ERIC & LAURENT, asked me to model for a video about TOKIO INKARAMI. Of course I said I would, but first I had questions, just like I’m sure you’d have before doing any treatment.

Check out the video I modeled in which shows you exactly what to expect during the treatment 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe!

Let me start off by saying my hair texture is rather thick & can take a lot of damage, but it’s become completely dead. Thank you Winter! The harsh gusty winds, constant drizzle & moisture, and dry conditions as well such as heated homes all contribute to the depletion of our hair health & the loss of keratin & CMC (cell membrane complex). Imagine feeling straw…that’s how my hair feels in winter. It’s tragic!

  • Rescues very damaged from hair from most effects (pollution, chemical, mechanical, etc).
  • Super lightweight and doesn’t weigh the hair down.
  • Styling hair normally is possible
  • More manageable frizz & fray
  • Enhances natural curls & perms.
  • No heavy fragrance.
  • Hair is silky, smooth, and shiny,
  • Affordable (approx 100 Euro)

C’EST QUOI LE SOIN Tokio Inkarami?

It’s a Japanese repair cure that has now made it’s way into European hair salons. It’s an intense multi-step ritual that takes 60-90 minutes and involves a calming head massage, layering on protein and keratin, hydration treatments and a steam mask that really so cozy especially when it’s cold outside 🙂

Targeting chemical and mechanical damage, this 5-steps deep treatment process lasts from 4-6 weeks. TOKIO INKARAMI also is personalised depending on the hair type. There are THREE lines, BASIC (for natural hair) and SMOOTH (for fine hair) and the MOISTURE line (for thick hair).

what to expect

The process is leisurely around sixty to ninety minutes depending on your hair type.

First hair is washed with a PH neutral shampoo. PHASE 1 applied as a base for other phases. PHASE 2 applied: a cream that contains amino acids to nourish the hair. They really slather it on but it’s such a cool feeling. PHASE 3 included a product; a component of hydrolysed keratin (from sheep wool) and a heated towel around my hair for fifteen minutes. The 4th step was applying an 18MEA fatty acid and ceramide to add shine, protect and moisturize the hair simultaneously. The 5th and final step is a spray that locks in the ingredients and closes the hair follicles to protect and seal,


After the first wash I was able to see the results even better! My hair for the last five weeks has felt shinier, thicker, healthier and is much more manageable. I’m definitely going to be adding TOKIO INKARAMI into my haircare routine, Imagine before the summer to revitalise your hair and protect it from the sun, sea, chlorine, etc. And then in winter to rejuvenate it for the next intense season. I’m super impressed by this conditioning treatment and would 100% recommend it.

Would you try this service? If interested and in Luxembourg, you can book here via Salonkee. The link directly takes you to the Eric & Laurent menu of services.

Tokio Inkarami

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