The Fashion Frontline Launch Party

Before I begin let me tell you one thing.

Never walk in heels in Downtown.

Just thought I’d get that off my chest since I actually was tired after 4 blocks, I hailed a cab to go 2 extra.

What can I say?

Me and DJ D’lish were in so much pain since we parked about 6 blocks away from our destination.

But it was worth it.

I myself have never been to a Fashion Blogger event, and I was unsure of what it would be like, but I am definitely glad that I attended.

Being new to the whole scene, I was notified about the event via Twitter, where a lot of bloggers tweet each other sharing awesome new posts, events, and just about everything and everything you could imagine.

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The venue was at 7 Grand in Downtown Los Angeles, a place I have never been to.

The event was for the launch of The Fashion Frontline site!

Upon arriving, my heart began to race as I had no idea what to expect.

Walking up a couple of flights of stairs, I noticed the decor of the venue was rather different from any place I’ve been to in Los Angeles. Halfway up the stairs there was a window display of  a mannequin dressed in hunting gear, I kind of found that amusing.

As I got to the stairs, I looked around a noticed a group of well dressed women huddled into a section of the bar. I asked a friendly girl who was in charge of the event (I had never met anyone in person, just via Twitter).

I made my way through and introduced myself to the blogger who was in charge of throwing this event, and finally put a face and name to username. (Complicated, I know).

She was a cute and friendly young woman (also perfectly dressed), named Bren. She introduced herself, and informed us that we were transferring the event to a larger room.

As we got the new site, there was a very nice layout going. Little tables and booths scattered the room which featured a covered pool table in the middle which had gift bags placed neatly upon it.

The vibe in the room was great, people were laughing, drinking, taking pictures, and the outfits I saw were to die for.

I do blame myself for not being overly chatty, and for not taking pictures of everyone and the event, but I felt super shy and got too sucked in being voyeuristic and examining my surroundings.

I had brought my friend DJ D’lish (Devran Mustafoglu) and my boyfriend Jason. I thank them both for coming.

The three of us sat down, observing and sipping our drinks, and then we met Leigh.

It was  a really unexpected yet fruitful meeting for all of us.

The four of us started talking about her company,

The Booty Parlor

The Booty Parlor is pretty much “The beauty parlor for your love life”.  Leigh talked about the BootyParlor, and whet all our appetites with all the sensual, fun and creative items the company makes and sells. She gave us an aphrodisiac infused lip gloss (well, Devran and I) to take home as well.

Devran, Leigh, and Myself.

The conversation quickly turned from business to fun. There was a great connection between all of us, and the conversation kept going and going.

From what we all do for a living, to our love lives, to our likes and dislikes, it almost, seemed like we’ve all met before.


The event also featured a raffle, where in support of Bren, who had courageously mentioned that she was a Leukemia survivor, we all bought a couple of tickets. When she had mentioned that fact, it really touched me. One could only imagine how difficult it is to go through that, but to survive, is just such a wonderful feeling. Thank you Bren for sharing such a personal fact, you are a positive energy in this world. <3.

The raffle had many exciting gifts like cupcakes from Burlesque Bakery (Sprinkles is nothing to their cupcakes).

Napoleon Perdis Make-Up

Recess Nail Spa (L.A’s first Green Nail Spa)

along with many more packages and treats.

I won a lip gloss set, which made me happy especially since I hardly win anything ever!

Overall, the event was fun, and something new for me.

I promised myself one thing…to no longer be to shy and just put myself out there when in attendance of anything. I need to step it up, AND  I need to take OODLES of pictures.

Here are some my partner in crime took.

Jason & I.
Devran & I.
Le Fashion Monster <3

Well, there you have it.

I look forward to the next blogger event I go to!

Thank you Bren for inviting me and throwing a great event!

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  1. Hi Deniz! Thanks so much for coming! I hope you had fun; sorry we didn’t get a chance to chat much!

    Can’t wait to hang some more

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