Classic Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Classic pumpkin pie is one of my favorite desserts that I crave yearly-not seasonally & this pumpkin pie recipe will probably do the same for you & your tastebuds. There is something about the mixture of spices, the consistency and taste that just brings joy to my tastebuds. …

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Manicure idea: highlighter neon nails

Looking for an idea amp up your next manicure? A nail trend I love and always will are highlighter neon nails. Whether one-tone or a French, neon is sure to brighten up your day! Today’s post is a new series dedicated to ever-growing beauty trend of nail designs. …

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In Love in Amsterdam

This blog post is a little overdue…but I’m super excited to share it today 🙂 When I met my fiancé, we had no choice but travel the world in order to spend time together. Of course it sounds super peachy but it was brutally exhausting. I lived in …

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pajama party with Loomstead

This post involves two of my favorite things: friendship and bedding. The first may be obvious as friendships are so essential and without friends, life would be pretty boring. The latter I’m sure made you go “ehhh?”. Well, I love to sleep. I also love really cozy, soft, …

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California Stripes

One thing that I love about fashion is that you can completely immerse yourself into a different decade. How? Clothing helps create our own piece of art everyday. Our bodies are our blank canvas. I wake up sometimes and think how lovely it would be to feel like …

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