Do you dream of hair so replenished you don’t have to stress about it every morning? Yes, you heard that. TOKIO INKARAMI is probably the best kept haircare product out there on the beauty market today. How did I discover this breakthrough Japanese hair technology? Right here in …

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Classic Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Classic pumpkin pie is one of my favorite desserts that I crave yearly-not seasonally & this pumpkin pie recipe will probably do the same for you & your tastebuds. There is something about the mixture of spices, the consistency and taste that just brings joy to my tastebuds.

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Manicure idea: highlighter neon nails

Looking for an idea amp up your next manicure? A nail trend I love and always will are highlighter neon nails. Whether one-tone or a French, neon is sure to brighten up your day! Today’s post is a new series dedicated to ever-growing beauty trend of nail designs.

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In Love in Amsterdam

This blog post is a little overdue…but I’m super excited to share it today 🙂 When I met my fiancé, we had no choice but travel the world in order to spend time together. Of course it sounds super peachy but it was brutally exhausting. I lived in

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pajama party with Loomstead

This post involves two of my favorite things: friendship and bedding. The first may be obvious as friendships are so essential and without friends, life would be pretty boring. The latter I’m sure made you go “ehhh?”. Well, I love to sleep. I also love really cozy, soft,

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