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What’s gives you all the cozy vibes and is ultra chic? A teddy bear coat, well, a teddy coat, but I find adding the bear in there cuter. The style of this coat is one of my absolute favorites. It was my dream to own of these and …

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hair tutorial: CURL HAIR WITH A STRAIGHTENER (video)

I’ll admit it, I don”t know how to curl hair with a straightener. But thankfully, my lovely hairdresser Roberto does. I hope this hair tutorial helps you all as much as it helped me. I’m grateful to him for allowing me to film him creating this amazing curls …

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Cream tones

Cream tones are my absolute favorite hues for any season. This light combination can be played up in so many different ways and it always feel light, airy and elegant. This is a color palette I tend to be drawn to after blacks & grey’s. These colors always …

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Classic Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Classic pumpkin pie is one of my favorite desserts that I crave yearly-not seasonally & this pumpkin pie recipe will probably do the same for you & your tastebuds. There is something about the mixture of spices, the consistency and taste that just brings joy to my tastebuds. …

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One of the trends for Fall that I’m absolutely crushing on is houndstooth print. If you’re following the foreign Fashion magazines then you’ve probably seen that this trend in every single magazine & on the bodies of every European fashionista. I can confirm that here in Europe, this …

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