Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear Trends

Part 2 is here! If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of the Spring/Summer 2011 Trends in Menswear yet, you can do so by clicking here.

This posts as well as all my menswear posts are made to be fun for you, my readers. Of course, I don’t consider anything to be fact, just observation and opinion. Fashion is supposed to be fun and express who you are and whatever you wear, is always in style, as comfort and individuality never fades. I hope you enjoy my menswear posts as I am slowly dipping my toes into the menswear pool. I love menswear and for me, experimenting with blog posts is a great way for me to learn as well as share what I have learned.

So kick back, and relax…here’s part 2.

1. The Tennis Short

Who says you have to be pro to sport a pair of tennis shorts? A shorter alternative to cargo and khaki shorts, these tennis shorts are lightweight, and super preppy. If preppy is not up your alley, then you probably will stick to your longer length shorts, which is great, as those are always stylish. For those who aren’t afraid to show a little leg, these shorts are a great silhouette and perfect to give you the “I’m heading to the courts then heading to my yacht” look. Tennis shorts are very old-school, which add a pinch of elegance when worn.

Image via

The above are shorts from Z Zegna are a perfect image of what to look for when shopping for tennis shorts. They are clean and mid-thigh which makes them easy to wear no matter what you’re doing! Throw on a polo, a t-shirt, and add a clean blazer and you’re ready to enjoy a day filled with sunshine.

I’d say stick with white as it’s such a clean, crisp, and chic color, but if it’s too daring for you, black always works. This Y-3 YOHJI YAMAMOTO beach short is a great version for a darker tennis short.

2. RED Hot

Red is one of the hottest colors of the season so get your feet wet with the color of the moment and invest in something that will add some spice to your life…or wardrobe. A red chino, a red cotton-blend blazer? If those are too bold for you, then just throw on a red T-shirt. Small price to pay for a red-hot look. If red isn’t your color, orange is an other staple color. Orange-you-glad that you have more than one option?

This Lacoste Polo is the perfect plunge into the red-hot trend.

Don’t go overboard with this color, as it should be an accent to your look. Once you’re comfortable with the color and want to branch out from polos and t-shirts, a great red windbreaker or blazer, and perhaps a pant is a great way to add red into your closet.  It’s a great color to play around with, so don’t be scared and take a chance.

3. Playing with Patterns

Stripes with stripes with stripes? Stripes with stripes with plaid? Plaid with plaid? Yes…you can. At first seeing this trend, I was rather weary. But then GQ showed looks with playful mixed patterned and I immediately changed my mind. Of course, this trend is a little more difficult to attempt as it is quite bold.

Here are images via GQ that show the various ways to mix your patterns!

4. Navy

Navy always gets mistaken for a Fall/Winter color, but to me, it’s screams Spring/Summer. It’s the turquoise of womens wear to menswear. Navy looks great with white, camel, gray and various brights. Sport a navy blazer, navy boat shoes, navy polos, and navy khakis. Navy is always in style, and investing in such a classic and versatile color is great for your wardrobe.

A navy blazer adds a bit of country club chicness to a pair of a khaki’s, or even colored chino. Navy blazers are definitely one of my favorite staples for menswear.

Image via

7. Gray Denim

Gray is not just for the Fall, this Spring gray denim is all over the place.  A great neutralizer for colorful outerwear and tops, gray denim is the perfect denim to have in your closet. It’s versatile, and there is a variety of shades to choose from. If you’re a light gray lover, charcoal gray lover, or a dark gray lover, you’ll find a pair that you’ll love as their stocked up in every denim shop.

These super sleek gray skinny jeans from COMMUNE are a great color and perfect for spring.  These aren’t exactly a denim, but they work. If you want more of a denim feel and look then try these from CRATE:

or these from 7 for All Mankind:

There are so many styles available, so whatever you feel comfortable in is best!

8. Cool Cardigans

Say BYE-BYE to the basic solid cardigan! Punch up your wardrobe with unique colors, and various patterns to allow your outfit to stand out, and keep your warm during a chilly night. A white cardigan with coral and blue stripes? A red cardigan? Whatever tickles your fancy, do it. It’s springtime, in with the new, and in the bold.

Here are just a few examples of what I mean:

For those who want a little contrast, but want to stay neutral:

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