Spring/Summer 2011 Trend Report: Menswear

Spring is here and that means it time to store your heavy coats, boots, and thermals! Spring forward in fashion with some great trends for the season. Whether you’re a fashion-lover or not, enjoy the season as it’s all about easy looks that keep your comfortable. This is a quick guide to some Spring/Summer 2011 trends that rocked the runways and that can rock your wardrobe.

Spring/Summer is all about color and the mixing of textures. Although light colors are always chic and perfect for any occasion, this year it’s all about standing out in some bold and bright colors. Accessories play a huge role this Spring/Summer too as woven belts are the perfect compliment to any pant, and gray faced watches lighten the hardware on your wrists. Mixing prints is also hot this Spring/Summer, so don’t be afraid to layer your stripes, or add some plaid to the mix!

Let’s begin the Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear Trend Report (Part 1)!

1. Boat Shoes

As stated in the previous menswear post, these comfortable, stylish and comfortable shoes are the perfect shoe to put some spring in your step. With such a variety of colors to choose from, it’s easy to add some color, or neutralize any outfit you sport. Opt for an orange, green, or red boat shoe and color block your outfit with a colorful pant and a neutral t-shirt, or tone down a colorful look with a basic black, white, camel, or navy.

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These Sperry Top-Siders are available in an array of colors and whether you want a bold color, a color block, or a perfect neutral, these are the classics of boat shoes. Also, Cole Haan has a great variety of boat shoes as well. To learn more about boat shoes, check out my earlier post: Boat Shoes.

2. A Cotton-blend Blazer/Sportcoat

Take a break from heavy jackets and enjoy the light and airy feel of a cotton-blend blazer. A cotton-blend blazer is perfect for a hot summer day, and for a breezy summer night. The lightweight fabric allows you layer lightly and adds an instant chicness to any outfit. A cotton-blend blazer is a centerpiece for any man’s Spring 2011 wardrobe, and with good reason!  You can find a variety of colors to choose from whether you want to neutralize an outfit with a camel colored blazer, or add some color with a red blazer…you really can’t go wrong! A tip, if you’re wearing a darker hue for a blazer opt for a lighter pant. If you’re wearing a lighter jacket then go for a darker pant. You want your outfits hues to compliment each other.

This chic camel blazer is a great staple, and it has a color block that is complimentary. The gray lapels are stylish and chic and can be worn with many outfits. This one is by Aviator the Rocker.

This powder blue blazer is gorgeous and just screams Spring/Summer. G-STAR is one of my favorite menswear lines and this cotton blazer is a great length and has great button detailing on the sides of the sleeves. If baby blue is not your hue, there are plenty of other colors out there! I’ll definitely blog about cotton blazers more to show you what is available in stores now.

3. Colorful Chinos

Add a splash of color to a basic white shirt with a colorful chino. Avoid the khaki-colored color and go for mint, red, or green. If you’re not that bold, navy and gray are always in style and still keep you on point for Spring 2011, but take a risk, you’ll enjoy it! If you’re really a fashion follower, then rock the color of the season: Orange. In order to tone down your look when sporting a colorful khaki, a basic gray or navy shirt is best. If you’re into prints, throw on a lightly printed button down to avoid a busy look.

This cool teal is an easy way to get your feet wet into the colored chino trend. It’s not too bold, and not too dark and is a versatile color. By CLOSED and you can sport these chinos cuffed or pulled down. Either way, these are a great and easy color to add to your wardrobe.

For those who want to stand out, these red chinos are for you. These chinos from LIFE/AFTER/DENIM are a great fit and length. If red isn’t your color of choice, there are so many colors of chinos out there like yellow, green, blue, pink, and orange. You’ll just have to find the color that suits you best! I will be creating a post dedicated to colored chinos, so stay tuned!

4. Short-Sleeve Fitted Button Down

A classic shirt with a more tailored look. Even if you’re not into tighter tops, don’t worry. Skin tight isn’t right, but fitted is always chic. Just like you would search for a tailored shirt for your suits, a fitted short-sleeve shirt is a great staple to wear with your khakis, or shorts. Tailored clothing is always in style as you want your clothing to fit just right. With such a variety of styles to choose from, it’s easy to find a short-sleeve shirt for any occasion.

Colorful shirts are key this season, and one of the hottest Spring 2011 colors for shirts is pink! Don’t be afraid to sport a pink top, it’s chic and stylish. If you don’t dare to go pink, opt for a print in your favored pattern, or go for a simple white. Seersucker is a fabric that is very popular for warmer climates, but be sure to pair it subtly. I’ll be doing a post dedicated to this trend, so check back soon!

This bold blue is a great color for a short-sleeve button down. It’s not too fitted, but tucked into a great pant, this is perfect. From Shades of Grey this is a great color to get you started as it’s quite basic and easy to mix and match. These shirts are great to wear with chinos if you’re into the color blocking trend, so opt for a color of the rainbow, maybe red…or green!

If color isn’t your thing then opt for a crisp white as it is always a classic. This one is by G-STAR and I personally love the double pockets and matching hardware on this. You can always opt for a solid, non-pocket shirt as well.

5. Colorful Plaid

Plaid for some reason always come back in style. Instead of robust, rich colors like red, opt for cooler hues like blue, pink, green. Not exactly pastel, but between bold and light, think a cool blue! Great with denim, or with a pair of chinos, plaid shirts seem to be here to stay…so get your country boy on and play!

This CRATE plaid button down is a subtle mix of blue and red. It’s not too bold, and not too simple. It’s a great color combo for denim and is bright enough to be worn at night. Versatility is key with plaid as it’s not always just a daytime shirt, sport one on a movie date. The plaid shirt was made to be simple, so don’t think too much about it and just throw it on and you’re out the door!

6. A Woven Belt

No tie? No problem. This season the go-to accessory is the woven belt. A belt is a great way to complete an outfit. Consider this accessory, the final touch to any look. With the woven belt, it’s easily adjustable for any body shape, and the look just screams Spring/Summer! It’s easy, not fussy and stylish. Pick a color that compliments your outfit’s palette, and voila! Black, Cognac and Gray are easy and versatile colors.

These woven belts (from Kmart ) are easy and super reasonably priced. If faux leather is not up your alley, then check out this Kris Van Assche leather woven/braided belt (below).

7. A T-shirt for Your Suit

You heard right. When suiting it up this season layer your suits with a cotton T-shirt. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! This look has been seen on various runways and I personally think it adds a bit of relaxing vibe to a fitted suit. Be bold and add a printed shirt underneath. Why not add a striped Tee to your sleek suit? Of course the suit is a staple in every man’s wardrobe, and whether you’re rocking an easy breezy T or a button up shirt, having a snazzy suit is a must. To learn more about finding the perfect suit and making it your own, check out my previous post: A Definitive Guide to Suits.

An American Apparel T-shirt is your best bet, otherwise go for something a little more detailed if that’s what you like like this Cheap Monday T-shirt. The more basic though, the better! You want the suit to stand out, so just pick a comfortable T-shirt that you feel best in whether it’s scoop neck, v-neck, yellow or black! 


Phew! This was PART 1 of Menswear Spring/Summer 2011 Trend Report! I will post PART 2 soon as well as other posts that focus more in-depth with the current trends stated. Whether these trends are something you plan on wearing or not, I hope you enjoyed this post! Fashion is about expressing who you are, so whatever best expresses you, keep doing it! Thank you for reading and stay tuned for PART 2 and more menswear posts! 

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