Robert Pattinson: DETAILS Magazine Mar 10′

Ladies let’s all Ooh and Ahh over these incredible images of Robert Pattinson looking damn fine.

Gentlemen, let’s take a look at his wardrobe.

Don’t focus on the gorgeous practically naked women surrounding him, but whomever styled this shoot did an impeccable job. Let’s take a closer look at what he’s wearing, and on a day you’re feeling rather suave, let’s try to recreate these stylish looks.

Details Magazine always impresses me with their styling for men. So let’s take a look at what DETAILS/March 2010 has bestowed upon us.

I unfortunately couldn’t find the designers for the clothes he is wearing, but when the issue comes out…be sure to get it and find out!

The Lovely Cover of DETAILS (March 2010)
Nothing is sexier than a tuxedo looking disheveled like so…
A crisp white shirt slightly undone and a form-fitting blazer…Very 007.
Baby blue button down fitted collared shirt and white slacks…I’m sure you’d be in his place right about now!
Mixing patterns is ok. A small checkered slack and a striped collard shirt can complement one another. Add a simple black blazer and belt to break it up. With a look like this you will have a hop to your step…
A crisp white blazer with a baby blue (any pastel will do) and a black slack is probably one of my favorite Spring/Summer looks on a man…Not too shabby huh?
This one is simply for you Ladies!
And another for the women.
All black with a pop of color…another perfect look.

Let’s just say, as risqué as this shoot was, the style is on point.

Classic and Sophisticated with a few twists that make these looks fresh and unique.

Which look was your favorite?

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