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Singer/songwriter Damon Rey was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. A true artist and male fashionista (in my eyes), he has been passionate about his music and involves himself  in all aspects when it comes his songs. Since studying at Thornton School of Music at USC, he’s proven himself a standout singer/songwriter on the LA scene, often playing at clubs such as the Mint, Troubadour, Viper Room, Room 5, etc.

More recently, he’s been making waves touring colleges on the west coast.

In 2008, he released an EP, entitled “Pieces”, filled with lovely acoustic songs, which is his first CD. You can buy it here: Damon Rey “Pieces

Damon Rey will be releasing his highly anticipated début full-length album this summer.

Singer/Songwriter Damon Rey

Aside from his exceptional talent in music, he has style. There is something about his look, it’s spunky and it’s his own.

It’s impressive because it’s very difficult, especially for men to not follow trends too heavily. Damon Rey has created his own trends, which is something not a lot of men could say.

From the multiple times I’ve seen him he has truly stood out. Mixing pieces one could not imagine, and making it work.

Damon’s creativity shines through not only musically but fashionably, and that’s what makes him unique in my eyes.

Damon in a crisp white collared button down, slack and tie carrying his beloved keyboards. Photo credit: Damon Rey
Photo courtesy of : Damon Rey
Photo Courtesy of: Damon Rey

The reason I truly adore this look is that it goes very well without looking too matchy-matchy. I notice the details in everything, and aside from the rugged leather jacket, his scarf is the center of this outfit. Whether or not he knew it, the scarf compliments this look. The chocolate-brown, charcoal gray and black stripes influence the rest of this look. The brown jacket, the charcoal gray layered under the jacket and the black belt emulate the scarf’s tones. The White T-shirt and medium-wash denim balance out the look.

Photo Courtesy of: Damon Rey

This look to some is a hard one to pull off, but for Damon it seems effortless. A plaid tie is something men may dream of wearing, but pairing the right garments together to not make it look too schoolboy is hard to do. A tie with such a distracting pattern is fearsome to men…but let’s learn from this look. The fine navy lines in the tie are complimented by his jacket, as is the red that is the power color of this look. The soft blue button down brightens up the tie allowing it to take center stage.  The greatest thing about this look is that he can remove his outerwear (the sweater) and can easily turn his look into something more dressy.

I love vests. No, you will not look like Aladdin, or Pinocchio if you do it right! Simplicity is key when it comes to vests. Don’t put them over a tailored top (unless it’s a wedding, but even then…) but over a casual solid long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve the vest is one of the most stylish male accents (aside from a cool scarf as well).  To add more punch to this look, Damon accentuated his look with a colorful plaid scarf giving it an edge. This is a perfect ensemble to look casual and still be stylish.

Damon Rey’s Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials:

1) Classic White Converse

2) White V-neck Shirts

American Apparel

3) Zip-Up Hoodies

4) Ray Ban Sunglasses

Get them at: OPTX Fine Eye Wear

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5)  Scarves (In the winter)

Damon Rey has a website that has all the latest news on the singer as well as his Facebook. Feel free to check them out here:

Damon Rey

Damon Rey FaceBook

Check out Damon Rey’s video of him performing his song “WORDS” off ‘Pieces’ live on New Delhi TV – MSNBC’s sister station in India. It’s broadcasted nationwide.


You can buy his album ‘Pieces’ on iTunes here:

‘Pieces’ by Damon Rey

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