Suspenders: Not Just for Flair

Let’s face it, suspenders are cool.

Yeah, I said it.

I’ve always like them, and they don’t always remind me of nerds or where Chotchkie’s servers display their numerous amounts of flair. (If you didn’t catch the Office Space reference…Watch it).

Wearing suspenders used to be a practical move. Back in those Bogart days, you’d go about your business with your pants perfectly “suspended,” rather than cinched by a belt. Now, like plenty of other midcentury essentials (tie bars, pocket squares, fedoras), suspenders feel in again after being out for so long. Thin clip-ons channel a punk-rock vibe, while wider, button versions deliver more of a neo-preppy message. Either way, keep your outfit simple for a custom—not costume—look, and check out this slideshow for more on spring’s must-have piece of gear. —JIM MOORE

Sure suspenders over time have gone from Nerdy, to “Eclectic” but nowadays, they are being re-vamped and can polish up or funkify your look.

Suspenders come in many sized and styles, and you can personalize your look with either a slim solid color or a thick designed pair.

How to Master the Art of Suspense
Because whether you’re a southern dandy, a new-look mod, or one of them speakeasy-loving throwbacks, the kind of suspenders you choose says it all

Here are a few that GQ has claimed to reign supreme.

Alexander Olch $140, available

Rock these red suspenders with an all black suit, or over a white top to add some fire to your look.

Band of Outsiders $130, available at

These black and white suspenders are a great classic look. Wear with khaki pants, or any color shirt. The black and white contrast will accentuate whatever it is you wear.

How to Master the Art of Suspense
Because whether you’re a southern dandy, a new-look mod, or one of them speakeasy-loving throwbacks, the kind of suspenders you choose says it all

Styling Skinhead
The fashion crowd loves a punk reference. So lace up your Raf Simons/Doc Martens oxbloods, snap your superskinny suspenders to your Dior jeans, and get your ass to a gallery opening!

American Apparel $16, available at
Jacobs by Marc Jacobs $9, available at

Be courageous. Add some color. Play around with your look, because only you can wear your look.

Purple, Yellow, Green, Pink, Orange…Whatever floats your boat.

Actual Skinhead
You’ll want to call them “braces,” not suspenders. Wear them with your way-too-tight Levi’s and way-too-high Docs. Run with the West Ham-loving hooligans, and shout, “Oi! Oi! Oi!”

Perry Ellis $37.50, available at
Fred Perry $65, available at

Turn-of-the-Century Man
If you wax your mustache, love elderflower liqueur, and wear a Model T-era driving cap, you want a pair of rugged suspenders—with leather tipping to hold up your tweed trousers.

Filson $50, available at
Adam Kimmel $162, available at select Barneys New York locations. For a complete list of stores, visit

Master the Art of Suspense…

Power Broker
Bold, ass-kicking suspenders, to be worn with a sky blue spreadcollar dress shirt. Cuff links, mandatory; pinstripes, preferable. All topped off with an expression that says, “I will crush you.”

Paul Stuart $129, available at
Topman $24, available at

I say, go ahead.


9 thoughts on “Suspenders: Not Just for Flair”

  1. Live Injection

    The skinhead and punk have always been the ultimate anti cultures. Against your middle class fashion parade and it’s sickening popular culture. Against everything you stand for.
    These youth cults have always been looked upon. Stared at, shouted at. And now all of a sudden it’s cool to dress like a skinhead or punk??
    As always fashion designers and hipsters highjack streetcuture. You lack creativity, everything has been done before. So what’s next? The hippy look again??

    Yess, run with hooligans. I dare you!

    By the way, designers tried to push the skinhead look on the masses 2 years ago. You’re to late. You’re all just posers!

  2. Each time I wear my suspenders , people think I weared like a skinhead (I’ve often my head shaved or very short) … i’m brown skinned tough… by the way the skinhead movement is not only a far-right and racist movement … some of them are from left-wing or a-political

    Peace ,


  3. I’ve always been a fan of suspenders. sells the best, and I have collected about 10 pairs I go between, depending on the outfit.

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