Mad About Mules

No, not the donkey! Mules have been a love-hate trend with me. Last year when they reached a super high-peak, I desperately tried to like them. Perhaps it was the name that threw me off? Regardless, I couldn’t get myself to appreciate the trend. Now that I look back on it, this shoe trend last year, were not very cute. The styles that came out did not impress me and the ones I tried I hated. They hurt my feet, they felt funny, I just wanted feeling them! Perhaps it was the brand and style that wasn’t flattering?

This year, I’ve seen some, dare I say it, adorable mules. I have purchased a few and am excited to post them on the blog. But until I take them out of the box, I’ve decided to prowl the internet for some ultra-cute and unique styles that I would love to have in my closet. I’m such a wreck with trying trends I don’t normally wear, so the mules I recently purchased were a chunky heeled black mule. I’ll have them listed below too, but I would love to rock some pastel or edgier mules.

My favorite type of mule is either the slip on flat mule, or the chunky heeled mule. I like these both because they are so chic yet wearable. There are so many where I find I can’t transition from day to night, however, I may not have the experience yet wearing the different varieties. So, now…it’s time to divide and conquer…the mule trend!

Writing this post helps give me ideas and excites me to rock this trend. So yay! What do you guys think of mules? Are you yay or nay about them? Let me know in comments below 🙂


Which style of mules is your favorite from the list above?

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