leather and lace

Little Bo Peep Lost Her Sheep… 

I don’t know where I randomly came up with that, but hey…it works, for me. 

Today, I was really slacking off on being creative for outfits, but while at work, I came up with nifty little outfit. 

I know fur-trimmed details are hot for Fall, so I just pulled this fur miniskirt and decided to play around. 

I took a crop top and tucked it into the skirt, and then kind of fiddled around with some accessories and came up with this… 

The Look
The Look
Lace Crop Top: Blush Boutique, Tank Top: Active
Woven Clutch: Vintage, Bracelet: Vintage
Leather Trim and Faux Fur Mini Skirt from Blush Boutique

Where to Shop: 

Blush Boutique 


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