soft metals

One of the trends for Fall 2010 is metallic, whether it be metallic gold, or silver, I love them all. Of course, for my daytime wear, I am much more of a minimalist…and by that I mean, I wouldn’t wear a bright gold sequined jacket during the day (I am a bit too shy to pull that off), but instead more of a muted gold, almost a gold or silver knit.

Today, I wore a silver metallic mesh sweater.

It is one of the most comfortable & easy to wear pieces I have come across.

I literally live in “throw overs”, which is my way of saying clothing I can just throw on and walk out the door.

Metallic Silver Sweater from Blush Boutique
Skinny Jeggings by J Brand

Mid-day, I decided to spruce the outfit up with a little medium-sized floppy hat…making the look a little more bohemian.

Floppy hat from Blush Boutique
Over-sized jeweled ring from Blush Boutique
Giant woven handbag from Blush Boutique

Where to buy:

Blush Boutique

J Brand


11 thoughts on “soft metals”

  1. I love it. The oversized sweater is so perfect for LA’s weather lately and it allows you to be fashionable AND comfortable!

  2. The hat is gorgeous, it really brings the whole look together. However, I would never be able to pull that outfit off because of my (short, short) height – for me, a floppy hat like that would be very munchkin-like. If you ever have comments about how to alter certain styles according to various body types (ie, if your [body part] is [size/shape], you should add a belt to [accent/hide] [body part]). I undertsand that when we think of fashion we think of tall and thin, but I also know that although a lot of people don’t have much trouble understanding what looks good, they make very bad decisions when they try to think about what looks good on THEM. So any comments you have in upcoming posts would be incredibly helpful. Thanks for the great reads!

    1. Thank you :)) I love your pictures +blog ! I am making a new blogroll, so considered yourself added! <3

  3. Absolutely love this outfit. I want/need that woven handbag. I tried to find it on Blush Boutique’s website but it’s not listed, could you tell me who it’s by so I can try to find it elsewhere? Thanks!

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