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I have OFFICIALLY moved to Luxembourg! It’s such a wild change and adjusting is becoming a little hard but at the end of the day, it’s such an exciting adventure. I moved here for one of the most cliché reasons, but in my heart, the best reason; love. I met my fiancé last August while on vacation with my parents and the moment we met, we knew. Yet another cliché sounding circumstance. We did the whole long-distance thing until May when I decided to spend the start of summer in Luxembourg until August. Flying back and forth every month to Europe from Los Angeles was very hard, not just emotionally, but physically. It was nice to kind of be stagnant for a short period with him and embrace everyday life. Doing so was the best decision for us as it made us realize this is truly what we wanted.

The best thing about blogging is being able to do it from all around the world. Being here gives me so many new forms of inspiration and I’m so excited to see where it takes me. With that being said, I’ll write a full-story about the love of my life and share our journey (will post it on October 22, my love’s birthday).

I’ve already met some wonderful people, like my new friend and photographer, Esther. Together we meet up as often as we can (she lives in Trier, about 30 min away in Germany). We have such a great vibe together and create some super content. We push each other to try new things and step out of our comfort zones. That’s the best form of collaboration in my opinion.

This look we shot in the streets of Trier. I just brought a bag of clothes and we just winged it. I have to say, we had fun.

One thing I am really loving about Europe is the ability to dress up. Los Angeles is so relaxed and the uniform for every girl is essentially the same thing. Jeans, t-shirt, denim jacket, or denim shorts, or a romper, or some form of sexy two piece. Los Angeles definitely has a vibe of California cool, but at the same time it tends to feel uninspired. You see the same creative approach everywhere. Everyone is taking the same photos trying to post it for the “Gram”. You go to lunch and after the perfect picture is taken, the remainder of the lunch is spent with girls on their phones editing, posting and telling each to “support me with a like”. In Europe? You hardly see it. You take a pic if you want, but you enjoy your meal and the company and post when you’re home. It’s a completely different vibe- and I prefer it.

paris street style inspiration
paris street style inspiration
paris street style inspiration

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