Lady GaGa-Grammy Awards 2010

As you all know, I am in love with:

Lady GaGa

She to me is the package when it comes to music and fashion.

She is definitely my inspiration for many a reason.

Lady GaGa in Giorgio Armani Prive

Her style is fearless and original and who else can keep people talking about THEM when they’re attending Music’s biggest award night.

Throughout  the red carpet, interviewers could not stop asking people “What will Lady GaGa wear?”

Well, here we go.

Lady GaGa on the Red Carpet
GaGa Ooh La La

Lady GaGa’s performance was nothing short of spectacular. The Fame Factory where she popped up in a green sparkled bodysuit, gets eaten alive by the The Fame, yet appears alive, but burned atop her piano.

Elton John, a surprise performer, was alongside GaGa, burned and completely fierce with his own pair of bedazzled shades.

The performance left me…Speechless.

Lady GaGa & Elton John.
Lady GaGa, the Newest “Tinkerbell”? I think so.
Can’t read my Pokerface…
That GIRL is a Monster…
Bowie would approve.

What do you think of GaGa’s fashions?

And what did you think of her performance?

5 thoughts on “Lady GaGa-Grammy Awards 2010”

  1. She is just brilliant. I love that she is totally different to everyone else and always looks like she is having fun.

    Her performance left me Speechless too . . . which is also by favorite song of her’s loved how they changed from Speechless to Your Song then back again to Speechless. Just incredible!

  2. We’ve already kind of discussed this but, my god, she is so amazing. The performance literally made me cry. All of her outfits last night were otherworldly! TO DIE FOR. I love that she is ALWAYS the one making people wonder… “what is she going to wear tonight?!” And she always kills it! Amazing!!

  3. I have to agree with everyones assessment. She is completely original, so original in fact that I don’t think anyone will rush out to buy any of her outfits but MAN the lady has it going on. The performance was so outstanding that I actually made it my facebook post so all my friends could see how immensely talented she is.

  4. I agree with all of you. Thank you for commenting and checking out my site too. I am very dedicated to GaGa, as you will get to see more and more, she really is the epitome of MUSIC and FASHION!

    Thank You for your support!

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