Balenciaga Spring 10′ by Nicolas Ghesquière!

Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière is one of my favorite fashion houses of all time. I have been obsessed since the moment I even heard of it. I recall the memory of getting my first Balenciaga bag and then saving my paychecks to buy clothing. Nicolas Ghesquière has the most unique designs and he knows how to make a statement, always.

This is his Spring 2010 runway short, and let me tell you, it does not disappoint.

In an interview he mentioned he felt there was too much cocktail wear stating; “I wanted to do something urban. No more history for the moment!”.

His concept? The beat of the street athleticism. From structured hoodies to complex tanks, he wowed the crowd with his designs.  His craftsmanship is so detailed, it’s hard to copy, which is why I love Balenciaga.

In this collection, his “jeans”, which appear dark blue are actually vegetable dyed leather. A lot of materials are recycled and this tribal theme was very clear in the urban-warrior eye makeup.

Ghesquière took active to a whole new level, making his collection much more commercial. With colored details of lime green and maroon, and porcupine quills, Ghesquière hands down has the best originality in all the fashion houses.

Enjoy this amazing gallery!

Which look was your favorite?

What did you think of the collection?

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