kickin’ it.

I have to say, men wearing sneakers or “kicks” either is extremely attractive, or extremely tacky. It’s all about the way you select your product.

Unless you’re going to the gym, please don’t wear running shoes, hiking boots, or anything ultra-sporty with your outfit. I beg you, as do the ladies. We only want to see you in sporty sneakers when you’re wearing workout shorts, and a fitted dirty shirt coming from the gym.

You can wear sneakers and make them look stylish, don’t wear them to fancier events, but as a part of your everyday look, they fit in quite nicely. Let’s start with the basics; the sleeker the better.

Chunky sneakers are not flattering, they tend to make your feet look clown-like, which in no way makes you appear cool or stylish. Look for a pair that is sleek and accentuates your foot in a good way.

I have been hunting for some good kicks for you guys for a few days now, and I am pretty confident with my list. I don’t claim to know everything about men’s fashion, but I know what most girls think, so everything I say should be taken as my personal opinion, and guide.

Let’s begin with these fabulous finds:




KR3W Grant


These are just a few kicks that I think can add so much so even the simplest outfits. Jeans, a white t-shirt, a cool coat or jacket, a scarf, and a pair of one of these fab finds…you’re going to break hearts all around you.

PART 2 coming soon, Sylish Must-Have Shoes for Every Man’s Closet. 

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