Vogue editorials are the most incredible visuals I have ever seen.  Every editorial, I have enjoyed, even if it was the simplest shoot with the simplest styling, Vogue to me, is the Bible of all things fashion.

The magazine inspires me in so many ways, and the great thing about Vogue is that is branches out in so many different countries, making each edition unique. Each country styles it according to their idea on fashion, so for me, it’s the ultimate source.

I was pleasantly surprised that Turkey had a Vogue edition, and once I learned this, I picked up as many as I could, and to be honest, I was impressed. The styling isn’t as over-the-top like other editions, but it’s more wearable, for the most part.

Below is an editorial that I adore, not only for the clothes, but the movement and structure in this editorial. It’s divine.  Almost equestrian-gypsy…which I am obsessing with.


Title: Genişle esne
Magazine: Vogue Türkiye November 2010
Model: Elise Crombez
Photographer: Hans Feurer
Stylist: Sebastian Kaufmann

All images via NoirFacade

2 thoughts on “wicked”

  1. I l-o-v-e the navy and black hooded outfit and the long, black, ruffled coat in the second to last picture. Genius. And those shoes? Sigh….

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