Halloween Costume Idea: Lady GaGa

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I can wear whatever I want without being scared to.

Usually I take risks in my fashion choices on a daily basis, but with Halloween, I can pretty much get away with anything, and become anyone I want to be.

Last year I dressed up as Lady Gaga in a homemade creation that took time, effort and a lot of patience. I have to say it paid off, and even though I am REALLY wanting to do Halloween as Lady Gaga again, I am pretty sure I must retire this idea.

I know this year they have costumes pre-made and her popularity has since blossomed, so being Lady Gaga for Halloween is probably like wearing green on St.Patricks Day.

I remember only seeing 3 people at a party I went to dressed as her, so I could only imagine the possible HUNDREDS I would see this year.

Regardless, she is one fierce fashionista, and if you’re inspired by her, by all means…do it.

Lady Gaga is one of the most exciting and fun costumes to have for Halloween, no matter what.

This was MY inspiration last year, Lady Gaga’s “Love Game” video. This particular look stood out to me.

My Inspiration.

Before seeing the picture BELOW, the only image available was the one above (the stills were hard to find since this outfit appeared only so often). To me, the metal on the “shorts” looked like chains…but after Halloween, this picture (below) was release and I realized they were studs. Nonetheless, I handmade practically the entire costume.

Close Up.

Lady Gaga is one of my fashion icons, so Halloween is the perfect way to express my creativity with my clothes in a way that I wouldn’t be able to pull off on a day-to-day basis.

I know they sell many generic costumes (except last year you couldn’t find ONE Lady Gaga costume if you tried), but I prefer to make my own. Creating my own Halloween costume gives me the creative power I need to create something that I would feel comfortable wearing.

To be honest, I am not a fan of the “dress like a total hoochie mama” look. I don’t want my tush exposed at every slight bend, and I definitely don’t think there is a reason to look trashy…ever.

With that being said, here is my costume.

Only thing I regret is…I wish I invested more in a better wig.

Bat Those Lashes…

Start with getting a pair of intense false lashes. I love feathered ones like the ones above.

Then get a pair of more rectangular framed cheap sunglasses and pretty much bedazzle the left side, and gradually decrease the right…

And…a straight blonde haired wig with bangs…

GaGa Shades.

To be honest, I feel very awkward posting these camera phone pictures, but I didn’t really think that a year ago I would be blogging about Lady Gaga Halloween costumes.

The Look (I made my own disco stick).

To make a disco stick:

1. A plastic stick.

2. A miniature flashlight.

3. Saran Wrap (A LOT).

4. Glitter.

5. Rhinestones

6. Super Glue

First, take your stick, and the flashlight. Make sure the bottom of the flashlight is lined up to the tip of the stick.

Hold it in place with your hand and tape the connection of the two with tape. Then wrap (1.5 inches below where the flashlight meets the stick) the surrounding of the stick and flashlight with 10 whirls of saran wrap. Do this repeatedly (DON’T PRESS IT together, but kind of spread the layers on the top so it blossoms). Keep going until you get the desired thickness. Then swirl crazy glue all over the saran on the layers and immediately sprinkle the glitter. Then, add rhinestones.

Tights: Control Top from Leggs, Shoes: ALDO, Faux Leather Jacket: Forever 21, Bracelet: Liquid Metal, Leotard: American Apparel, Rings: Forever 21

The “shorts” I bought from Victoria’s Secret. They are boy short panties. I then individually sewed on LAYERS upon LAYERS of chains that I bought at Michael’s.

It literally took me about 2 days to complete but I still have them and love them! They are my pride because they look good, and I actually made something cool!

Yes, my disco stick glows.

Some nights I opted for no wig (I wasn’t too fond of the one I purchased).

Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick…

For the lightning bolt detail on the leotard I bought metallic gold fabric and pretty much eyeballed a lightning bolt as I cut.

I got lucky.

I then sewed it on and to my surprise, it didn’t rip at all.

Strike a Pose?

I hope this post helped you get some ideas, or helped inspire you to create your own Halloween costume, whether it be Lady Gaga or someone else.

Xo Le Fashion Monster


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