EDC: Electric Daisy Carnival Style

Let me just say one thing.


I am a lover of music, no matter if it’s country, jazz, hip hop, pop or my personal favorite, house.

Although music is not my forte, I still have a passion and see the beauty of it. Fortunately, my best friend DJ’s and specialized in house music, so I was able to learn so much from her.

EDC, also known as the Electric Daisy Carnival is more than just a rave. Sure, people dress crazy (which i LOVE), and have their glow sticks in their hands waving them around like mad (not my fave), it’s all about one thing…

the MUSIC.

I know this is a fashion blog, but I can help post about music on occasion, after all, it flows in my blood and I do enjoy it.

So enjoy the gallery of all the outfits, scenery and fun times I had on Friday night.

Also check out DJ D’lish’s Blog for videos she took, pictures and a review from a person who is musically gifted’s point of view.

I simple had the best time ever, except for two things; 30 min walk to the car, and being stuck in the car for 1.5 hrs to move up 2 lights (no bueno).

I was able to hear a little bit of Afrojack, a little bit of Chuckie, but once settled into the VIP area, I enjoyed the brilliance of Dirty South, Swedish House Mafia, Kaskade and Deadmau5.  The fun I had made up for the traffic, and seeing how happy me and my friends were, was truly priceless.

What I wore:


The fashion at EDC was fun and extreme, aside from our “simple” outfits, EDC style consisted of : Neon, Colored furry boots, bikinis, body paint, glitter, sequins, chains, buckles, unique make-up, feathers, pacifiers…i mean, it goes on for days.


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