Diary Of A Fashionista

My first “Diary Of A Fashionista” is finally here! I have to say, this weekend was nothing short of spectacular! Exciting and relaxing would be the best two words to describe it. I got to see my lovely friends on Friday night and dance, and I also got to do my favorite thing, people watch! I love going out to see what people are wearing, it’s very fascinating to me and kind of inspiring. It’s nice to see the fashion choices people make because sometimes you see things put together in ways you wouldn’t have imagined, which is always exciting.

I have to say, my favorite outfit was that of my best friend, who is one of the HOTTEST and most TALENTED female DJ’s out there today, DJ D’lish (Devran Mustafoglu). She’s a Turkish-American, like me, and has what I call, a sixth sense when it comes to music. Together, our friendship is like mixing music & fashion, it’s explosive!

DJ D'lish
DJ D’lish.

Mixing a one shoulder top with gold accents, and a basic black miniskirt, she created a sexy illusion of a dress, and with the nude cutout heels with gold accents, it adds a little pop, without overlooking the main piece of the outfit-the top. All I can say is, this girl can dress!

Check out her blog for all your musical fixes and hot mixes created exclusively by DJ D’lish herself. Her mixes are a great way to get you going, whether it’s getting dressed, going to the gym, or just relaxing.


DJ D’lish & Lady DenDen

Aside from dancing til’ the morning light…(had to make an 80’s musical reference, too easy), I had a lovely time having dinner with my parents at home. It was a mellow night and just being able to spend time with them is always nice. It’s hard to have the energy I want with my schedule sometimes, so I appreciate every day I can relax.

It’s still the weekend, and hopefully I will have more exciting things to write on my next post, but now, I am looking forward to the new week to begin! 2010 has been AMAZING so far, and I know this year is going to get better and better! I am truly blessed!

My week this week is going to be exciting!

Monday is going to be filled with work, followed by happy hour at Larsens Steakhouse in Encino. Larsen’s is absolutely amazing!  Happy Hour is every Sun-Friday 5pm-7pm! I will blog about them later on.

Tuesday I have a day off and I am going to go shoot guns! I have never been, so I am super excited about 🙂

Wednesday I have another day off, and plan on shopping and updating my wardrobe just a bit more, I mean, NEW YEAR, NEW WARDROBE!

Thursday I work, but then it’s the weekend again!

I am ready for this week, and I hope you all are too!  I will be posting a lot too, so if you’re at work,  just visit Le Fashion Monster!


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