Coffee in Luxembourg


Need I say more?

Coffee time/Tea time is most likely my favorite part or parts of the day. In Los Angeles, coffee shops and tea houses were local hangout spots to gossip, write, create, and just enjoy the moment.

coffee in Luxembourg picture

I have been on the hunt for a cute little coffee shop here in Luxembourg since I moved here. I have discovered quite a few that are absolutely adorable and quaint, but one stood out the most so far; Chique-o-Latte! I’m not saying it’s the best, as I am sure I have tons more spots to check out- but it’s definitely the most delicious I’ve encountered thus far.

For me, not only do the drinks (coffee & tea’s) have to be tasty but there has to be more than just baked goods. I feel the generic coffee shop vibe with a couple of baked goods works well for a lot of people, but coming from Los Angeles, a coffee shop has to have a big more.

chique-o-latte Luxembourg

Here, I discovered a butterfly pea latté. Haven’t heard of it? It’s an all-natural blue flower tea that is also caffeine-free. It has a naturally sweet taste, but not too sweet. It’s absolutely delicious. If you have never tried, try asking your local coffee shop/tea house and definitely order it! You can thank me later.

Another reason why I really love this coffee shop in Luxembourg is that they also have really fresh & delicious açaí bowls & avocado toast with poached eggs alongside their delicious baked goods (which can be sugar-free, gluten-free & vegan too!)

I’m curious, what are your favorite coffee shops in Luxembourg, or where you’re from? And-what makes a coffee shop/tea house special to you?

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