Chanel’s Clogs

Chanel goes Dutch…for the season.  

On their SS10′ catwalk, models were seen in classic Chanel style garments but with one little alternation…clogs.  

They don’t sound appealing, and for the most part, clogs aren’t appealing, but Chanel somehow has changed my mind.  

Then again, Chanel somehow tricks my mind to make anything desirable (hello,temporary tattoos?!).  

Here are a few images of  clogs showcased during the SS10′ runway show.  

Embellished Clog.
Embellished Clog.
Solid Clog with studded details.
Rosette detail clog.
Short heeled clog.
Short heeled rosette clog.

 Sure they’re comfortable, and potentially cute (under flare jeans), but even though Chanel can usually convince me to buy many oddball items, this still is going to take some work.  

If you’re into this look, then you can either a) Purchase a pair of the above clog from Chanel, or b) go online and find similar ones for a lot less.  

I know Jessica Simpson’s shoe line has quite the collection of clogs.  

Be my guest.  

Just send me pictures.  

I’d love to see a hot Fashion Monster rockin’ these, because I don’t think I could.  


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