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This summer has definitely been one of the most exciting and adventure filled ones I have had. I traveled to Turkey and stayed in Istanbul and the resort town of Fethiye, and then traveled France where I stayed in Paris, Lac d’Annecy, Chamonix-Mont Blanc, Lyon, St. Tropez, Cannes & Monte Carlo. It’s been quite the adventure, and although I was unable blog much, I took some wonderful photos.

I will do various posts for each city I visited, and post a couple of pictures from each one. They won’t be in any particular order, but hopefully you guys can enjoy them, regardless.

St. Tropez to me just screamed jewels on the beach, yachts, and luxuriously casual fashion. The port town itself was everything I expected it to be and more. The food, the nightlife, the people and most importantly the beaches. Pampelonne beach was beautiful and although cluttered with beautiful bodies and colorful private beach clubs, the environment was welcoming and relaxing.

Getting to St.Tropez was a quite the trek as we took a train from Lyon to St. Raphael. From St. Raphael we took a ferry to the port of St. Tropez, and no doubt, the minute I was immersed into the Mediterranean, I felt I was at home. I am a city girl, but I prefer the lifestyle of a beach bunny if I had the choice.

We ate at various cafes and restaurants but the one that stood out most to me was Villa Romana. The place was decked out in the cheekiest decor and the food was good, but what sold me was the music and high energy. People were dancing on tables, taking shots, all before the main course had arrived. I’m pretty sure this place wasn’t about the food, but more for entertainment…which I loved. The waiters were constantly dressed in different attire running around dancing with clients. There was also a fashion show with a young model strutting her stuff in gorgeous lingerie. It was definitely a scene, a very fun scene.

Overall, I really liked St Tropez, if you’re ever there go to Auberge des Maures for dinner, as they serve delicious cuisine from the Provence region and the food is what really is the star. Visit Pampelonne beach, but rent a scooter and travel by it. Also, don’t worry about counting your pennies…it’s ST.TROPEZ! Definitely visit VIP ROOM, just to say you’ve been there, it’s definitely a scene, but it’s good to check it out just to check it out.

Oh and this song was the #1 song in St.Tropez…for good reason. WARNING: When it comes on, be ready for insanity.


More Images for you! 🙂

Have YOU ever been to St.Tropez? If so, tell me your thoughts! I love sharing experiences and love to hear about others who have been the same places as me!

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