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Welcome to my new site! As you may see, Le Fashion Monster has become DenizSelin.com. After blogging for the last ten years and watching myself evolve, I decided it was also time for my website to evolve as well. As much I love going by Le Fashion Monster, I felt that it’s also important to embrace who I am & show who I am. I am Deniz Selin.

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Who am I? I’m a Los Angeles native & fashion blogger who is now living in Luxembourg (a small country in Europe). I moved here in September 2017 & absolutely love it. It’s really in the center of Europe and traveling is so easy whether it be by car, train or airplane. If you’ve been following me on Instagram then I’m sure you’ve seen how often I’m gone somewhere whether it be Paris, London or Istanbul. 

Aside from the ease of travel, living in Europe has introduced me to a whole new way of life. It inspired me to find a better sense of self, to be more loving & patient and to see things with a new perspective. These reasons are why I’ve decided to incorporate so much more into Le Fashion Monster.

So, What’s New?

I will still be sharing my personal style, beauty tips/tricks, travel destinations, and recipes. But what’s new, you ask? I will be dedicating a category specially for mental health & self love. Using the knowledge I’ve learned with my education and experience working in the mental health field, I want to create a safe space of information.

I will discussing various topics from depression, anxiety, trauma, self-care, and of course, relationships. Having a Masters in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis on Marital & Family Therapy, I am excited to be able to use my knowledge on a platform that allows me to also share my own experiences.

Aside from my degree, I also practiced in a low-income community mental health clinic for three years and did individual (adult & children), couples & facilitated group therapy for various subjects (substance abuse, domestic violence to name a few).

I really hope you enjoyed the new site. Please feel free to explore around and delve into various categories. I will be introducing new contently weekly & also I will re-instate my YouTube channel, so don’t forget to subscribe

Please feel free to tell me what you’d like to see or what topics you’d like to be discussed in the comments section, or feel free to send me and e-mail if you’d prefer to be discreet! Enjoy the new Le Fashion Monster by Deniz Selin!

Have a lovely day!


Deniz Selin

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