The Recessionista Man: Trendy T-shirts

7 Diamonds “Delightful Way” Tee $53

Get It Here: “Delightful Way” T-Shirt

G-Star Davis Vneck $60

Get It Here: Davis V-neck

Paul Smith shirt ~$30 (15 british pounds)

Get It Here: Paul Smith T-shirt

BOSS Black “Eraldo” $85

I just LOVE the contrast on the neckline!

Get It here:

BOSS Black “Eraldo”

I love men in just jeans and a t-shirt, almost as much as they probably love a girl in just jeans a t-shirt, so for this being my first Le Fashion Monster post for men, I hope you all can agree that a great T-shirt is essential to any man’s wardrobe.

I hope to be finding some amazing fashion finds for men as I continue to hunt down the best of the best for you!

Thank you for supporting me and I hope I can be as fashion savvy with men’s clothing as I am with women’s!


Your Fashion Monster Fashionistas

-Deniz Senkan

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