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Hey guys! I have some pretty exciting news for you all. I was in Turkey last summer and when I was there visiting my family I decided to stop my local jeweler and design some custom pieces to be made and brought them back with me. It was such a fun experience creating some one-of-a-kind necklaces and rings that have a heart an soul within them. I really hope you guys enjoys these and they are perfect for Mother’s Day as well! I know I am giving my mother one of the longer necklaces so she can wear with a simple blouse. All the necklaces are made with semi-precious stones.

All images link to where you can purchase these :). Each piece is inspired by a city in Turkey that is rich with culture and natural beauty. I would love to know what you all think! You can click the image or go straight to for more images and purchasing. Use code LFM10 for a 10% discount on the entire site!


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