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One of the most important accessories/beauty products that is essential to complete any look is perfume. Why? Nothing is chicer than smelling good! Showers are essential guys, let’s remember that! Also, perfume can bring out more than just your outfit, it can bring out your alter-ego. Perfume to me is very personal and what I love about that is we all feel something when smell a certain scent.

It’s crazy to think that we associate things to scents, for example, baby powder reminds me of my favorite stuffed animal; Donald Duck. That toy was my everything. Now, when I put on “J’adore Dior”, I instantly feel like a super sexy and powerful woman. Yes, the commercials display that too, and most likely, those visuals also relate to my feelings when I wear this perfume. I imagine myself strutting my stuff and tackling any task I’m given to do with ease.

Our brains are fascinating and thinking about why we feel and think the way we do is something that has always intrigued me. I guess that is the reason why I got my Master’s in Clinical Psychology!

This video talks about my top 3 favorite perfumes as of now and how you can them for 50-70% via! Oh, and there is a PROMO CODE!

I hope this video is enjoyable for you to watch & don’t forget to use the PROMO CODE: DENIZ20 if you end up purchasing anything on the site :). That code gets you 20%.

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