New Video: Laser Hair Removal Q&A

Hey ya’ll! Happy happy Friday! Today I share with you some tips and tricks on how to do laser hair removal. I teamed up with Flawless Laser Center in Burbank, CA to answer some burning questions regarding the process. I’ve recently done laser with them and let me just say that THANK GOODNESS this has been invented. I’ve been blessed with a great set of hair on my head, however, I also am Middle Eastern so I’ve been “blessed” with hair on my arms and legs…and of course, a mustache.

I’ve gone about four times now and it’s been the best experience for me. I love that my hair is finer and I have to shave less, and in some places, not at all. It’s truly a great process and the results are incredible. I hope this video helps answer your questions and address your concerns. Enjoy!

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