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As you may know, hair is a huge part of my lifestyle. I have a lot, and it can be difficult to manage and sometimes, I get discouraged because I feel like it doesn’t look like the beautiful hair we see in movies/TV and advertisements. Even being a blogger, I know that some of you may look at my hair for inspiration, and let me tell you, it took me awhile to get comfortable in my skin, and with my hair. Learning to love yourself is a challenge, especially in a society where comparison has become the norm. We look at what others have and forget about what we have, which is uniquely us.

Beauty is not what’s on the outside, but on the inside. Our hair is the same way. By treating it well and not damaging it and taking care of it to ensure it’s health is crucial. I remember when I was younger I would never cut my hair, I would dye it constantly, and never condition it. It felt lifeless and dull. I would look at all the magazines and wish my hair could even resemble what we saw in the magazines, and now the Internet.

Working in the mental health field as well, I know that our self-image is essential to our internal feelings of ourselves. If we don’t look our best, we don’t feel our best. However, what is our best? There are so many expectations of “being our best is”. I have finally realized what it all boils down to…us. It’s not the media that will tell us we are beautiful. Why? Because it’s their job not to. What brands actually encourage us to truly just love OURSELVES?

DOVE hair does. I have loved all the advertisements they have created, “pushing the envelope” (more like, being real). They encourage us to love our bodies, no matter what shape or size and to love our hair. Our hair is our canvas. Whether you have curls, straight hair, thin hair or thick hair, we’re able to create so much with our hair. After learning to truly to take care of my mane, I began to love my hair. Why? Because it’s mine.

I have learned to accept my cow lick, my wild and roaming baby hairs, and the fact that if I don’t tame my mane after a shower, I look like a nappy Mufasa! But hey, it is what it is, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I have always been told by my parents and family that I ONLY look good blonde and now that my hair isn’t super blonde I look “average” and “plain”. Once I build the courage to break free from my fear of change, I dyed it darker and let me tell you ladies…I HAVE NEVER FELT MORE BEAUTIFUL! Sometimes taking a risk and challenging yourself to get out of what you think is the “right way” to look can make such a huge difference. Instead of listening to others and the media, listen to yourself. What makes you feel beautiful?

Like fingerprints, not one of us is alike. That’s why we have to truly love everything about ourselves. Inspire ourselves. If you’re feeling bored with your hair, do something different. Take a risk, because it will help inspire you to appreciate your uniqueness.

Below I’m happy to share some images of my hair when I felt truly beautiful! As you’ll notice, some images my hair is greasy and unkempt but I celebrate it for being what it is!

Also, check out this awesome film on YouTube  and Pinterest page because they’re truly inspiring!

Do you #LoveYourHair?

*This post is in collaboration with DOVE

DOVE #loveyourhair
DOVE #loveyourhair
DOVE #loveyourhair
DOVE #loveyourhair
DOVE #loveyourhair

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