Lovely Legs

I love tights.

Leggings I don’t mind, if they are long enough to be covered by an ankle boot, but I’m over the cropped ones.

This post is dedicated to my love of tights and long leggings. I personally feel that they shouldn’t ever go out of style. They really can make or break a look, and these are just some that will definitely MAKE your outfit stand out, even if you just throw on a baggy off shoulder top and heels.

Pleated leggings $37

Get Them Here:

Pleated Legging

Over The Knee Striped Tight $17

Get It Here:

Striped Tight

Back Lined Tight $10.50

Get It Here:

Back Lined Tight

Super Suspender $20

Get It Here

Super Suspender

Suspender Heart Tights $17

Get It Here:

Suspender Heart Tights

Snake Tights $13.53

Get It Here:

Snake Tights

Floral Pane Tights $20.29

Get It Here:

Floral Plane Tights

Nude Suspender Hearts $16.91

Get It Here:

Nude Suspender Heart Tight

Spring Floral Tights $13.53

Get It Here:

Spring Floral Tights

Windowpane $28.75

Get It Here:

Windowpane Tights

Heart Seam Tights $10.15

Get Them Here:

Heart Seam Tights

This is just one post of 3 that I will dedicate to tights.


1 thought on “Lovely Legs”

  1. ohhh, i LOVE tights! the ones you chose are great–so many cute patterns!

    also, i’m a fellow fashion blogger from LA and found yours through twopointohla’s twitter! hope to see you at the launch picnic.


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