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Here’s a fun fact, I went to Kansas City right before I flew to Istanbul. I had never been and knew NOTHING about the city, except that it certainly was not Los Angeles. I was so anxious to go because I knew it would be such a different way of life and it was going to be a new experience for me. I love to travel and I surely going to places that are very different from where I’m from. Going to super large cities are great, but I prefer more unique towns, especially when it comes to traveling America.

I’m a big history junkie and I’ve always wanted to do a tour of America and learn the facts about each state. For one, Kansas City is rumored to have more fountains than Rome, how cool is that?

Upon landing, I peeked outside the window to see what was coming…it was all green. Something L.A lacks (we have no water right now unfortunately) and it was flat. It looked so peaceful and serene flying in I couldn’t help but get excited.

Once I got there, I was shocked at how fast I got out of the plane (even in L.A domestic travel can be quite a pain). The air was fresh and crisp and the sun was shining so bright. As I drove to my destination I realized how little traffic there was, especially for it being rush hour! Barely any cars.

Another cool thing about Kansas City is that it’s divided between two states. Reminds of how Istanbul is divided between two continents; Europe & Asia, but this time Kansas & Missouri. The first night I was lucky enough to eat at this delicious spot called BlueStem. I had a 5 course dinner with wine pairing and my favorite dish they served was the Gazpacho (it was clear). So delicious. For those who don’t know…I’m a major foodie. Food is my life. This place gave me mini-mouthgasms every bite.

The next day I went to explore the museum and went to an exhibit about this amazing Spanish chef and learned about the creativity behind cooking. The chef is called Ferran Adria and the exhibit was titled “Notes on Creativity”. It was amazing.

The following night I went to my first soccer game! Ever. Let me just say, I LOVE SOCCER GAMES! I’ve always enjoyed soccer however, going to a live game is an experience that is so surreal! I was obsessed. I loved the mood and the energy the fans had and it really was one of the most special moments for me. I’m officially a KC Sporting fan 😉

kansas city
top shop denim skirt
kc sporting
taco republic kansas city
hi hat coffee

How cute is this little coffee shop? Right in the middle of Westwood, Kansas City! I could seriously live here.

I’m obsessed with anything cozy and let’s just Kansas City is definitely a cozy place. The people were so nice and helpful and I didn’t feel like I was a tourist, it felt like I belonged. What a great trip!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed my city of home! I miss that place and the people are warm and true fans to their sports!

  2. I’m going to Kansas for Thanksgiving… To a friend’s family’s FARM It’s going to be a huge culture shock for an Istanbul/LA girl, and I couldn’t be more excited!

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