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All you beauty mavens out there, pucker your lips and get ready for an awesome new giveaway from Le Fashion Monster. I have partnered up with Junkie Cosmetics to give away a gift bag and their signature lip gloss (it’s delectable). Junkie Cosmetics is an up and coming new make-up line that I have lucky enough to preview. Not only have I found my new favorite lip gloss, I also made a great friendship with one of the business partners; Camie.

Junkie Cosmetics is a flirty and fun make up line and was created by two amazing women Camie & Kara. Both these women represent the line so perfectly as they are bold, beautiful and strong, which is what Junkie Cosmetics is all about it. The line will officially launch in November with a series of ultra luxurious lipglosses. Be the first to try their line and let me tell you, your lips will fall in love, as will you.

Kara & Camie answered a brief questionnaire in order for you to get to know them a little more personally! Details on the giveaway will be in bold below the interview.


My favorite designer is…Versace.

The best present I ever received was…My Chopard watch for my 30th Birthday.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it’d be…Oprah.

My perfect day is…Beach day in Turks & Caicos.

The beauty product I cannot live without is…Lip gloss.

My favorite item of clothing is…Jeans.

My guilty pleasure is…The Real Housewives of….

My best character trait is…I’m happy by nature.

I cannot live without…My family.

My idea of happiness is…Being with family and friends.

I most admire…My Mom.

My best feature is…My Hair.

My most treasured possession is…My Baby Blanket.

The trait I value most in others is…Honesty.

My motto is…”Be Happy, Life is too short”
My idea of perfect happiness…A bonfire on the beach.
My greatest fear is…Failing.
If I wasn’t selling make-up…I’d be an interior designer or a novelist.
The trait I value most in others is…Loyalty.
My favorite book is…The Great Gatsby.
My favorite beauty product is…Mascara.
If I could go anywhere…Italy.
My favorite designer is…Gucci.
My guilty pleasure is…The Millionaire Matchmaker.
I cannot live without…My morning cup of coffee.
My best feature is…My lips.
My favorite color is…Aqua.
My favorite quote is…”Happiness, it seems to me, consists of two things: first, in being where you belong, and second — and best — in comfortably going through everyday life, that is, having had a good night’s sleep and not being hurt by new shoes.” Theodor Fontane
I’m most inspired by…Generosity.
My best character trait is…Loyalty.
The giveaway is easy, and of course there are multiple ways to enter.
Reading this, you’re one step closer to a gorgeous and juicy pout and a tres-chic make up bag.
GIVEAWAY ITEMS:  A Junkie Makeup Bag & Lipgloss
The contest will end Monday, October 10th, 2011. Why not get rid of the Monday blues by announcing a giveaway winner?
WAYS TO WIN (You can pick 1 or do all three!):
  • Follow Le Fashion Monster & Junkie Cosmetics on Twitter.
  • Tweet “I want to win the makeup gift bag from @LeFashnMonster & @JunkieCosmetics! RT & Follow both to win! #contest #giveaway http://bit.ly/oHiQuu”
  • Tweet at us and tell us what inspires you on your beauty regimen or what makeup trick/trend you love but are afraid to try.
  • Keep RT’ing until the contest end date!
  • “Like” Le Fashion Monster & Junkie Cosmetics on Facebook!
  • Write on our walls and tell us what inspires you on your beauty regimen.
  • Write on our walls and tell us what make up trick/trend you love but are afraid to try.
  • Leave a comment on this post and tell us what inspires you on your beauty regimen or what makeup trick/trend you love but are afraid to try.
  • Be sure to leave an e-mail.
The contest ends Monday, October 10th, 2011!
Good luck dolls!

20 thoughts on “Junkie Cosmetics: Giveaway!”

  1. My beauty regimen is often inspired by my mood and my outfit @ the time. Eye shadow, foundation, mascara & LIPS GLOSS was pretty much it for me. However,that is about to change, as I am an aspiring MUA in training. Since this is a new launch on your end of the spectrum & I too am starting a new journey, I would be honored & blessed if I was to win this contest, so I can use your samples, and also make it a staple of my kit. I wish you ladies much success in your coming journey.


  2. My beauty regimen is inspired by my outfit sometimes.. I love to try the smokey eyes but afraid too because i’m afraid that it doesnt fit me… I hope i win this giveaway 😀

  3. ike” Le Fashion Monster & Junkie Cosmetics on Facebook!
    done Amy Rouse
    Write on our walls and tell us what inspires you on your beauty regimen. Done
    Write on our walls and tell us what make up trick/trend you love but are afraid to try. Done

  4. I love smokey eyes but I never really tried to do it because it takes some time and skills. Since I have my sigma blush brush I really like doing smokey eyes and it made it much easier to apply the colors and get the perfect look.

  5. My beauty regimen is to make sure I moisturize my skin (super dry) and to make sure that I wear eyeliner. I get inspired by the natural bare look. Everything else like blush and foundation I only do when I have time. I would like to try smoky eyes but every time I do it I feel like I have raccoon eyes. -Wendy-

  6. My mood inspires my beauty regimen. Sometimes I’m feeling natural and go with a lighter makeup look but sometimes I take it up a notch with glittery shadow & red lips! I love mascara too — it just brightens the eyes SO much!

    Followed on Twitter as @SD_katie

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