How To Keep Your Skin Glowing in The Winter

Winter has come and if you’re living in a cooler environment (hello Europe) your skin might be witnessing the challenges this new season brings. For me, I never had to worry about intense climate conditions as living in Los Angeles was always relatively mild, mainly hot. The weather in Los Angeles was fairly consistent which allowed my skin to remain balanced. Naturally I have oily-acne prone skin. My acne is more hormonal (before my period) but with these new weather conditions, it’s been much more easily aggravated.

Moving to Luxembourg from Los Angeles was not only a huge change for me personally, but also physically. My skin really has taken a toll with the dry and windy weather. I started developing drier skin and noticed a significant increase of breakouts. Winter really is brutal. I’ve been trying out various products to find out how to keep my skin glowing during the winter. I’m happy to announce that if your skin type is like mine, then these products will help you keep your glow.

The biggest concern I had with the winter season was keeping my skin hydrated. No matter what the season, your skin should always be hydrated. Hydration for our skin is as essential as hydration for our body. Keeping your skin hydrated helps fight off wrinkles, lines and keeps the elasticity. You’re probably going to roll your eyes when I say “DRINK LOTS OF WATER” but it’s my first step.

  1. DRINK WATER: Drinking water is something we should be doing every day. It may be difficult to drink the preferred 8 glasses a day but I try to drink as many as I can with a minimum of four. Nobody is perfect.

Another HUGE skin saving tip for the winter is MOISTURE.

2. KEEP MOISTURE AT HOME: I’m not talking about a moisturizer but moisture itself. I invested in a humidifier to keep the moisture in the air prevent drying of my skin while I’m home. Our skin is a barrier that protects the water in our bodies and when the weather is dry and our skin feels dry, we lose water much faster. I know a humidifier might seem strange, but it will be your favorite investment. It also helps you breathe and sleep better!

3. LOTION VS CREAM: Believe it or not, this is a tricky one. Lotions and creams are NOT the same thing. Lotions are much lighter and I prefer them for the summertime when I don’t need excessive hydration. Also, a lotion is better when you sweat in the summer as it’s not as heavy. A cream, on the other hand, is essential to keep moisturized  during the cold and dry season. I lotion up IMMEDIATELY after a shower as it’s the best way to lock in the essentials of your cream. Find a cream that best works for you as it’s such a personal choice. I personally love NIVEA. Anything NIVEA. I love the thickness of it and the scent is not strong.

4. OILS, OILS, OILS: My secret weapon for the winter! Oils have been a lifesaver. I actually use coconut oil BEFORE I shower to lock in moisture as I wash my body with body wash. I found that utilizing it has helped my skin remain smoother and when I apply my cream the moisture seems to lock in much better. I also use oil on my face! Yes, you heard that right! Since I have oily skin already, I stick to lighter oils like Rose Oil and Tea Tree Oil (when I have breakouts). Argan oil is my favorite, however, in the winter for some reason didn’t work as effectively for me.

5. DAMP SKIN= CRACKED SKIN: A hard learned lesson this was. I used to just wash my hands and go do whatever I needed to do. WRONG. My hands became cracked, dry and painful after 24 hours. The worst thing you can do it leave the house or go outside with damp skin. You will crack faster than an iPhone screen hitting that ONE angle it needs to shatter completely. No joke. Always cream yourself and wait until your hands are dry. Trusssst me!

6. USE GENTLER PRODUCTS: Tone down the chemicals and the retinol creams! These dry out and cause flaky skin with a pinch of irritation. This is a killer combo that can be easily avoided. Opt for Cetaphil or a natural cleanser to avoid the excessive drying nature of most of our products. Use them twice or once a week if you can to balance your skin.

7. SOCK IT UP: This may seem odd, but FEET are not to be forgotten. I have multiple pairs of super thick socks that I wear at night. The trick? I lather my feet up with cream and/or Vaseline. I know it sounds weird but I have insanely soft feet, even during the winter months. Try it before you judge it. You’ll thank me later. Sleep with the socks on and wake up to soft and moisturized feet.

I hope you guys enjoyed my tips on how to keep your skin glowing in the winter. It’s been a super challenging journey trying to manage new climates and skin traumas but it’s been exciting to learn how to maintain it all during the chilly months. I can finally say; BRING IT ON WINTER!!

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