This giveaway is probably one of my favourites! Le Fashion Monster is proud to be giving away fitness guru Patrick Goudeau’s “Lean Hot Body” DVD and a pair of yoga pants from BLUSH BOUTIQUE! Let me preface this post by sharing my story as it’s related to the giveaway.

I have recently been using my gym membership (sad, I know!), and I have never been one to exercise. I started going with my friend every Tuesday and doing the treadmill/elliptical and all other general gym work-out routines. Then came one of my friends telling me about this class that is “the most amazing class, but it’s so hard!”. I was skeptical, then again, I didn’t know anything, but I decided to bite the bullet and take the class. I walked in, scared. I was shaking and felt overwhelmed.

The instructor walked in and I  got even more afraid. But the minute the music came on and the class started I was relieved- crazy right? I started my jog and jumping jacks and was having a great time. Then I freaked out. The instructor was doing things I thought I could never do, and at first I just stood there and watched. I took a deep breathe and said “You got this!”- and I got it. I was doing it all and feeling great! The instructor is what motivated me. It’s just like a classroom, if the teacher is unenthusiastic and uninterested, you won’t want to learn and do anything, but if the teacher is energetic, motivating and helps clarify anything you don’t understand, you will be more inclined to do the best you can.

This is exactly what happened to me. Patrick Goudeau, the instructor in my story and this giveaway is the breath of fresh air you need when it comes to working out. I have now been to his classes every week for 4 weeks, including his dance class on Thursdays. I do his video, LEAN HOT BODY as well once a week, and when I have time, I take what I have learned from him and do it on my own to my own music! I have taken in the enjoyment of working out and the feelings I feel after his classes and when I work out alone, I can’t even describe it!

I have always been thin, but never tone. Every since taking his classes and doing his DVD I have seen a major change in my body, my abs are rock hard, my legs are toned, my back is sexier, my whole body is looking AMAZING. When YOUR BODY feels great, YOU feel great! Of course, it’s not easy, as nothing in life is…but let me say, I went from couch potato who would get dressed in her gym clothes and convince herself to drive to the gym…but never actually make out the door. Now, I look forward to it, and I’m very grateful. Everything I’ve learned from these classes has made small changes in my life that truly makes me feel better. It’s motivated me to be a healthier person, and my body and soul couldn’t be happier.

Thanks to Patrick Goudeau and his positive energy, knowledge and willingness to share his flair for fitness, anybody can do it. He turned me into a curious cat and I couldn’t be happier!

I go to EQUINOX in Westwood, California. If you’re in LOS ANGELES, you can either sign up at the gym, which is AMAZING, or get a week pass and take one of his classes! For more information tweet me or Equinox!

For a list of classes go HERE.

Patrick also teaches on Wednesday Nights at the Sports Club LA at 6:00pm!

This giveaway is for his DVD “LEAN HOT BODY” , a stability ball, some mixed CD’s to get your work out on and a pair of yoga pants from Blush Boutique.

How to WIN:

1. Follow Patrick on Twitter

2. Tweet : I want 2 win Fitness Guru @PatrickGoudeau LEAN HOT BODY DVD,Stability ball,yoga pants & mix CDs! RT & Follow @PatrickGoudeau 2 #win! #giveaway


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The winner will be announced July 4th 2011! No better way to celebrate the Summer than with a great fitness DVD!


Patrick Goudeau is a NIKE Elite Fitness Athlete and a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer. Patrick is also one of the most sought-after fitness personalities in the world. Known for his unique and innovative approach to movement, the KING of Choreography is a former National Aerobic Champion, celebrity trainer, and the star of 23 highly acclaimed workout DVD’s. His challenging and results-driven workouts continue to inspire those who want to experience his incredibly addictive passion for all that is health and fitness.

Patrick has worked one-on-one with many celebrity clients including Samantha Harris of The Insider, Paula Abdul, Allison Janney, Faith Ford, Valerie Bertinelli, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Thomas Gibson, Eddie Van Halen, Melissa Etheridge and Jane Leeves. He was thrilled to have choreographed the Skinny Bitch workout series for Warner Brothers Home video and had an amazing time working with the authors of the NY Times Bestseller, Rory Freidman and Kim Barnouin. Patrick most recently choreographed the top selling Butt Blasting Cardio Step workout for Kim Kardashian. The DVD has been featured on popular television talk shows including Ellen, The Tyra Banks Show and Chelsea Lately.

What inspired you to get into fitness and when did you realize that you wanted to make fitness a career? 

Well, I’ve always been active, playing a little basketball and tennis in high school and then going on to becoming a cheerleader at The University of Texas at Austin! But when I graduated from college and took a corporate job, I wasn’t feeling good about myself, and yet didn’t want to join a gym. So I started taking aerobic classes and eventually, one thing lead to another. I was racing from work to teach packed classes and then finally decided to leave the corporate world and try fitness as a career. After a few years of making that transition, I finally decided to move to Los Angeles because I knew if I was going to do this full-time, I needed to be where the action was!

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

Wow, probably a schoolteacher? I LOVE kids/children! Teaching and giving back to others is important to me and that’s probably the reason why I love teaching group classes so much.

What inspires you when you teach and what do you expect out of those who follow your fitness expertise? 

 I like helping people feel good about themselves. Your health is everything and without it, your life is just not the same. People who like my style and me want results. I believe in working hard and if you’re in my class or paying me to train you, show up and be ready to give me 110%!

What’s your work-out routine like? 

I workout pretty hard, but I love it. I can only be sedentary for a day at most and then I go crazy! I do something 6 days out of the week. A combination of classes, weight training and running.

What is the most important concepts of fitness to you that you would want others to know?

Fitness is a lifestyle and in order to enjoy it, you have to embrace it.

For those who feel unmotivated to work out, what tips do you have to help inspire them?

I always encourage the unmotivated to start slowly, taking it one day at a time. It’s also important to find something you like to do and stick with it, otherwise you won’t do it. And remember, it took a while to put all that weight on and it won’t come off right away.

What motivated you to do your videos?

A friend reminded me that I wouldn’t be able to teach forever and that I should focus on income that was also passive, where I wasn’t physically doing something. Doing videos has been GREAT! It’s allowed me to reach a much broader consumer audience and share my workouts with people who may not otherwise be able to workout with me.

What is the goal of your videos? 

To inspire people, get people a better body in a way that’s not overwhelming and that people can at home privately…etc) My videos are truly tested. I don’t do anything in them that I haven’t tried on my students or that I haven’t physically done as well. My videos will get you in shape and you can have fun doing them. Some people like videos because they’re less intimidating than a room full of people and some people like them simply because you can workout whenever you want, no excuses!
Personal training and your thoughts. What makes it beneficial in your opinion?

I think everyone should have a good personal trainer at some point. It’s a great way to learn new things and you’ll be pushed like never before. Be particular in your trainer, make sure they are in tune with you and what your goals are.

What can’t you stress enough to your followers?

Get up and do something!!!!! And eat better!!!

What are five tips you can share to LFM readers about fitness:

1.    Start slowly and make a commitment.

2.    Fitness is a lifestyle, it’s not something you do once in a while

3.    Eat clean, healthy food.

4.    Work hard, make it intense and be done. Workouts shouldn’t be long and tedious.

5.    Believe in yourself, you have the ability to make anything possible.

5 facts about YOU:

1.    I’m 6’3”

2.    I love cakes over pies

3.    I’m fromTexas

4.    I’ve travelled to more than 35 different countries, teaching fitness.

5.    I LOVE to sweat

For more information on Patrick visit his website or Tweet him!

This giveaway is for his DVD “LEAN HOT BODY” ,  a stability ball, a couple mixed CD’s to get your workout on and a pair of yoga pants from Blush Boutique.

You can want one all you want; but here’s what you’ll need to do to get it! Intense, compound strength moves, explosive cardio sprints. Together, these dynamic exercises will attack every inch of your body and help to elevate your metabolism and blast fat! Using two pairs of dumbbells, medium and heavy – drop unwanted inches and gain sleek, sexy muscle. Do this interval training workout and you are on your way to getting exactly what you want.

How to WIN:

1. Follow Patrick on Twitter

2. Tweet: I want 2 win Fitness Guru @PatrickGoudeau LEAN HOT BODY DVD,Stability ball,yoga pants & mix CDs! RT & Follow @PatrickGoudeau 2 #win! #giveaway


1. LIKE Patrick on FACEBOOK.

2. TWEET Patrick 1 thing you learned from his Twitter or the interview below!

The winner will be announced July 4th 2011! No better way to celebrate the Summer than with a great fitness DVD!


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  1. Absolutely LOVE the videos of Patrick Goudeau. Love his workshops at the DCAC Fitness Convention. It’s really hard work as well as amazing. The guy has talent for teaching dance aerobics and any style of fitness classes. Even more, I loved visiting Los Angeles and accidentally finding his class at Equinox.

    1. I based my schedules on his classes at Equinox! I never enjoyed working out until I took his classes, now I have embraced fitness and look forward to learning more from him!

    1. Don’t worry Ashley, you still have a chance! Just post a comment about what you learned from the interview of his website on there when you have a chance so we know you’re following him for the give away! 🙂

  2. following on twitter @goochin and facebook (an gooch)
    I learned from patrick that alcohol is emptied calories.

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