Get Framed!

It’s the year of eye wear! It’s always that year for women, but for men, it’s not about sunglasses!

Get nerdy.

Buy those specs that you’ve been dying to buy but never thought you’d wear…it’s okay- you’ll be the most stylish man ever!

Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr. have been doing it for years, and other classic stars have had this trend down before our time today.

Be snazzy and get yourself some specs…GQ thinks they’re cool…and so do I.

Nothing is sexier than a man in large-framed glasses…and a suit.

I <3 Men in Glasses.

Whether you wear them with a casual pair of jeans and a t-shirt, or rock them with your own personal style, eye wear is in, and there is not way to deny it.

Can’t you see how stylish and chic these men look?

Johnny Depp
LeBron James
Justin Timberlake
James Dean

Some classic men who rock their specs.

Andy Warhol
Yves Saint Laurent
Michael Caine
Kurt Cobain

Here are some GQ finds!

Moscot, Salt Optics, Oliver Peoples
Tom Ford, Selima Optique, Persol

My personal favorite look this Spring/Summer is Robert Downey Jr’s Oliver Peoples “Sheldrake” with colored blue lenses.


Robert Downey Jr.

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Well, I’m in love with this trend…

I say, rock the large framed glasses!


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