Free People Military Ruffle Jacket

I first saw this jacket on a customer of mine while at work, I may have had a heart attack. I didn’t want to ask the girl where she got it, because I didn’t know if it was some random jacket or an actual make, and I always feel uncomfortable asking. I searched and searched for a month. I eventually forgot about the jacket because I try not to dwell on clothes, it can drive me a little insane trying to hunt down something with nothing to describe it by except three words: Military Ruffle Jacket.

At the time of my wanting, I couldn’t find this online (I did end up giving up my search).

To my surprise I was at Bloomingdales today attempting to use a gift card I got for Christmas. I found nothing. I looked at the Free People section minding my business, and was about to throw on a cute V neck flowy tank top when…

I saw it.

I saw the jagged ruffle sleeve from the corner of my eye and my heart just stopped. I looked up and there it was…glowing under the bright display lights. I put the tank top back on the hanger just stood there staring at the jacket.

Could it be?

Is this for real?

It wasn’t the color I had wanted, I immediately went to the saleslady and asked for my favorite color; Black.

She smiled and pointed to the rack behind her.


There is was, staring at me.

It said; “I’m here. You’ve found me”.

I grabbed it and handed it over.


It was at last mine! It is so adorable on, and honestly for what it is, it really is a versatile piece. A stand out item for sure, but nonetheless, it’s something that can be worn over jeans and a tank, a dress, or even with shorts and t-shirt.

Military Ruffle Jacket by Free People $148
The back view.

Get It Here: Military Ruffle Jacket

With that being said…

The feeling of finding what you want unexpectedly is the most indescribable feeling. And not just with  clothes, with everything in life.

With this story, I have to say…

Life is full of surprises, and you never know what you will find, or what will find you.

A jacket, A shoe, A purse, A love, A friendship…

Every moment is a miracle.

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