Floral + Denim

With the weather being rather hot, but working endless hours, being comfortable and stylish has been a challenge. When life gets in the way, denim and a flirty top are my go-to items to keep me from feeling sloppy. Feeling sloppy is the worst thing, especially when working. Nothing beats being make-up free with sweats at home, but when at work and running errands, being cozy and stylish always is difficult when time is scarce.

This outfit was a quick fix, a floral top and jeans can be cute, but I added some colorful accessories to add a little drama to the look. I also pulled my hair to the side and created a one side ponytail, which was fun to rock.

This was more of a last minute outfit post, but I felt I haven’t added one in a while. Taken in front of the boutique I manage, the images are a little awkward, but I was having fun with it! So, enjoy 🙂

TOP: Random Boutique

DENIM: Blush Boutique

SANDALS: Kelsi Dagger

CLUTCH: Blush Boutique

BRACELET: Blush Boutique

WATCH: Michael Kors


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