A Date with Coffee-Mate!

Being a blogger my days can go from 0-100 real quick. There are days where my meetings are scattered all over the city, followed by photoshoots and events and sometimes that can be very overwhelming. In this field, it’s easy to get lost with time and burn out. You all know how important coffee is as part of my daily routine and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that some of the moments where I just relax and enjoy the moment are included with my coffee. 
coffee mate chocolate boutique
coffee mate chocolate boutique
I recently discovered Coffee Mate’s “Chocolate Boutique” and let me just say…HOLY YUM! I don’t always put flavoring in my coffee, but these favors are so perfect that I’ve been adding a little extra sweetness to my day with them. I’m loving the Cafe Mocha flavor, it’s the perfect compliment for my dark roast coffee. Chocolate Salted Caramel is also pretty perfect, as is the Chocolate Toffee Truffle. It’s hard to find a creamer and flavor that truly captures the flavor of chocolate without overbearing your tastebuds. So, cheers to you Coffee-Mate! 
In a way, these flavors are like outfits. They are the perfect accessory for any cup of coffee, and they add that instant pop to create something so savory and unique! 
It’s so important to take a moment and disconnect and just be present in the moment. For me, my alone time with my coffee in the morning or in the afternoon is what truly keeps me sane and inspired. Those moments where we break free help re-inspire us and give us a fresh mind to keep creating. 
coffee mate chocolate boutique
coffee mate chocolate boutique
When you enjoy the little things in life, it really makes those moments extra special. With Coffee Mate’s “Chocolate Boutique” I’m able to savor the flavors of not only my coffee, but life. What’s your flavor? 
Check out this video on how I incorporate “me time” into my daily routine with Coffee-Mate.
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