Coachella Day 2 Recap

I did my first day of Coachella last week so here is day 2! Granted, I didn’t actually make it to the festival, but I did end up at some super fun events with some of my dearest friends. My business partner was my road trip partner and then two of my other girlfriends joined us in the desert on Sunday. We went to the POPSUGAR + SHOPSTYLE party called CABANA CLUB then went on over to a private residence for the Sabo Skirt event. It was definitely a lot of fun, however, I feel like I needed a vacation after that! Too many events, too little time!


3 thoughts on “Coachella Day 2 Recap”

  1. Lovin’ The Hipster look!!!!!!! Gotta love desert settings. Hipster cut-offs …MY FAVE!!!!! Present day Mad Men freebird! Sabo Skirt event… Very beautiful floral setting — you’re the prettiest flower of ’em all ! [CR250R40 Instagram] ]

  2. Surprised at your outfit choice. It’s not as… Festival as I thought it would be. I like the first one better

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